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On-time services

On-time services

All-time emergency services

Expert locksmith

Expert locksmith


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Full locksmith services

Full locksmith services

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Professional consultation

Where Security Meets Reliability

Kardo Locksmith is a full locksmith company offering top-notch services to all their clients, ensuring maximum security in Los Angeles and everywhere. With a team of experienced, professional, devoted, and talented locksmiths, we work with safety and our community in mind. If you need your lock repair assistance, feel free to connect with a reputed Commercial Locksmith

With cutting-edge tools and enough expertise in locksmith services, our professional locksmiths can deal with all kinds of locks regardless of their mode of operation or where they are installed. From commercial locksmith needs to emergency car locksmith. We cover a range of locksmith services for everything. You are a click away from security.

All-time Locksmith

All-time Locksmith Services in Los Angeles

Do you suddenly need a professional locksmith in Los Angeles at night, on a weekend or holiday, or when you have time to secure your locks? Call us anytime you need us. Our services are not limited to time!

From Emergency Lockouts to High-end Security Installations, you can rely on Kardo locksmith.

Unlocking Excellence in Security Services

Residential Locksmith

Residential Locksmith

Every home needs to be a place where one finds peace and has a sense of security. At Kardo Locksmith, we ensure all Los Angeles residents meet their security needs, whether a new lock installation, mailbox lock replacement, or emergency residential locksmith. Our top-notch locksmith services ensure that your home remains a safe space and haven for you and everyone residing there.

Commercial Locksmith

Commercial Locksmith

Kardo Locksmith is just a call away from all Los Angeles commercial locksmith needs. Our professional locksmiths deal with locks and keys of all scales, be it in a warehouse, hotel, grocery store, or any industrial setting. There is no ground in your commercial building security that our experts are not well versed in. We help businesses in Los Angeles run smoothly and safely without advanced security system solutions.

Automotive locksmith

Automotive locksmith

Locksmith services are not limited to building, our experts go beyond the walls to provide services for automotive locksmith in Los Angeles. Our locksmiths for cars are not bound by car model, design, technology, and their present integrated security system. Whether it is an automatic car, a manual car, or an emergency car locksmith service, we have covered your car’s security.

Residential Locksmith

Emergency Locksmith

A  lockout, misplaced, or lot key knows no time, and neither do our services. We know the severity of unforeseen lock problems, so our help desk is always available and ready to assist with emergency lockouts, damaged keys, and other crises. All you have to do is dial our contact information, and a member of our skilled locksmith staff will be sent to your address.

Your go-to Safe, Secure, and Hassle-Free Locksmith Services

Schedule an appointment with our professional locksmith  Los Angeles CA now.

Quality Locksmith Services

Quality Locksmith Services with a Personal Touch

At Kardo Locksmith, clients are the center of all our professional services. Your satisfaction and safety are our community’s. We are not just looking for clients to service them; we deeply care about the safety of our community, which is why we put our clients at the center. 

Work is only complete if our clients are content with our work. We provide advanced security solutions and design them to work how you want them to. Talk to us, hear your concerns, and tell us what measure will work best. From our one-on-one session, we will install, replace, or repair according to your needs.

Fast Response, Expert Service, Lasting Security

Kardo Locksmith services all areas of Los Angeles and its surrounding areas. Forget about the hassle of thinking about how you will reach us—we will reach you! Make a single call, and we will promptly get where you are.

Expert Service

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does a professional locksmith in Los Angeles do?

Professional locksmiths in Los Angeles, CA work to provide security in buildings and automobiles by repairing, replacing, installing, and even maintaining residential, commercial, and automotive locks.

Are professional services for locksmiths in Los Angeles affordable?

The charges for locksmiths in Los Angeles differ depending on the kind of locks your building has, the model of your car, and the scale of the services. However, for whatever locksmith services you need, most of the charges are transparent and within the budget you have set.

How do people find an affordable locksmith in Los Angeles?

If you’re looking for locksmith services in Los Angeles, use search engines like Google or Bing to find a list of the best providers around your area. The internet has become a reliable source for any type of locksmith service. Contact the locksmith company at the top of the result pages.

Must I always contact locksmith services if I need assistance with my locks?

For all your lock and key needs, always seek help from professional services rather than attempting to find solutions on your own. Professional locksmith services guarantee high-quality work, security, and quick locksmith solutions.

Is there a locksmith near me who can assist me during emergencies?

Yes, in fact! Call a professional locksmith whenever you have an emergency, and they will contact you. Rely on nearby professional services from Google search if you are in an unexpected scenario. When lock or key problems arise at your home, vehicle, or place of employment,  Kardo locksmith services are available in Los Angeles around the clock, 365 days a year.

Do locksmiths have key-cutting services?

Professional locksmith services have the experience and expertise to handle all lock needs, whether key cutting, broken key extraction, or even key duplication services. You can rely on their professional services for whatever your building or car needs for locks or keys.

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