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Kardo Locksmiths are experienced and skilled experts in dealing with all car locks in Los Angeles. Did you leave your car keys in a crowd? Is your car door no longer opening? You are a call and click away from finding the best solution for your car’s security.

To deliver quality, we offer all kinds of locksmith services for your auto, Whether a new model with high-end automated technology or a simple manual car model. Our expert services go hand in hand with the technology present to offer solutions for all car locksmith services.

Professional Services offered
by our locksmith for cars in Los Angeles

Kardo Locksmith has a vast team of proficient Locksmiths for cars in Los Angeles that offers numerous services:

Car lock repair and replacement

Car lock repair and replacement

As you keep using your car keys, they wear out, or there are instances where they can bend or get broken. Regardless of the instance, it can be hard to figure out if it is a replacement or repair that your car locks need. Only car locksmith experts can figure that out and give an appropriate service.

Car key programming

Car key programming

It is not easy to reprogram a car key with transponder chips. If you are using one of those high-end cars with strong security and need a new car loc, our experts deal with all lock programming, from simple to complex. You will not have to wait for a new key from the manufacturers.

Car locks duplication

Car locks duplication

Getting a duplicate for your car locks can put you in a better position when you are locked out or lose your keys. Use our professional services to duplicate your car keys and use them whenever they are needed. Contact our auto locksmith in Los Angeles for a duplicate key if you still need to get your original set.

Key fob replacement

Key fob replacement

A key fob allows you to open and control a few car functions without being present. However, a key works perfectly in some instances, but the fob is no longer responding. In such instances, you just need to replace your key fob and continue to enjoy your car’s automatic responses to it safely.

Broken key removal

Broken key removal

A broken key stuck in a car is a common problem that can not be helped. Leave the work to the experts to carefully remove the broken part and replace a new one to your car door; trying DIY can desert the whole security system and interfere with the function of a car.

Emergency lockout

Emergency lockout

When it comes to emergencies for locksmiths, there is never any control. If you have lost your car keys, accidentally left them somewhere, or dropped them, call our 24/7 locksmith experts, and they will commute to you, wherever you are, to help you get a new lock. No time is wasted for all emergency services.


With a guarantee of quality and time delivery, call our desk anytime you have an emergency. Also, you can reach out to our business by searching the ‘locksmith near me’ query.

Security at its best

Working with us means working with the finest auto locksmith in Los Angeles. We offer services that take all our projects to heart and ensure our clients always feel safe.

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24/7 availability

Other services

Kardo Locksmith specializes in fulfilling essential locksmith needs, including emergency locksmith. Our services extend to residents, commercial sites, and emergencies.

Residential services

A safe and peaceful home has a strong security system, especially the installed locks. If you are facing any challenges with the locks in your house, be it they need repair or replacement, or you just moved into a new house and need to install locks, call our experts in residential locksmith services, and they will help you strengthen your home security.

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Commercial services

Security is of the utmost importance in all commercial buildings. No work is too big and complicated or too small and negligible. We offer commercial locksmith services to businesses of all sizes and in all locations in Los Angeles. Call us now and secure your business.

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Emergency services

Kardo Locksmith services are not bound by time. We work to deliver and solve all locksmith issues, be they commercial, residential, or automotive, in times of emergency. Our team works all day, all the time, and for emergencies, we commute to where you need us to be. Feel free to contact our experts for rescue.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is it possible to open a carless key with locksmith services?

A reliable locksmith for cars in Los Angeles can handle all kinds of automotive lock problems. Therefore, they can open a keyless car if you find professional services.

Q2. Do thieves unlock keyless cars?

Even if your car is keyless, be careful and carefree regarding its security, as thieves can hack into it and steal it.

Q3. How much is auto locksmith services in Los Angeles?

The price charged is not fixed for all auto locksmith cases; it varies with the size of the problem, the type of car, and the type of services needed. The charge might be even higher for emergency cases than on normal working days.

Q4. Is the locksmith business profitable?

Due to the demand for stronger security, more locksmiths are needed. The profit in this business is there, but it goes higher with the experience of the locksmith company and the reputation they hold

Q5. How do locksmiths get clients?

The best way to obtain clients in the locksmith industry is to stay interactive, informative, and engaging on media and other marketing services. You can hire a locksmith service provider in Los Angeles, Kardo Locksmith, for better results.

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We have been providing quality services throughout the greater Los Angeles area since 2012. Our founder, Ben Jacoby, moved here from Israel with nothing more than a bag of locksmithing tools and a dream. 

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