Many people have been victims of auto theft. Vehicle crimes have been on the climb for years and are expected to continue to rise in the future. When you look at the average cost of repairing a car window, it is easy to see why being proactive about auto security is so crucial. We have discovered that there is no single ideal strategy to prevent auto theft. However, there are a few things you can do to make your vehicle more difficult to steal.

Tips to Preventing Auto Theft

Always lock your doors and take your keys with you

Some people steal cars just because it is convenient. They may watch your routine and hunt for a way to take your vehicle. Always roll up the windows, lock the doors, and take the keys with you every time you get out of the car. When potential thieves see these habits, you will discourage them from breaking into your vehicle.

Deter auto theft by removing the valet key

Audi, BMW, Nissan, Subaru, Volkswagen, and Volvo, as well as high-end sports cars like Corvettes and Jaguars, use valet keys. It may be used to drive the automobile and open the doors. Make sure you locate and remove the valet key before it falls into the wrong hands.

Make the switch to power locks

Upgrading to power locks is a good idea if you have an older vehicle with manual locks. When you simply have to touch one button to lock a door, you are less likely to forget. You can install a power lock actuator for each door. They are not that expensive, but it’s worth getting an expert to properly install them.

Install a remote car starter

Remote car starters start the car but prevent it from shifting gears, making it hard to drive away with it. Do you have the habit of putting the keys in the ignition, turning on the heat, and returning home for a few moments? Then you risk someone getting into your car and driving away. Having a remote car starter is safer. You get to stay in your house and stroll out to a heated car by pressing a button. 

Purchase a smart car alarm

A smart car alarm emits the same deafening noise as a standard car alarm. Unlike its predecessor, you do not have to be within hearing distance of your car alarm to know something is wrong with a smart car alarm. It will send a notification to your phone. Some models provide more information, such as whether the engine was started or the vehicle was moved. Smart, right?

Have a steering wheel lock to prevent auto theft

A steering wheel lock connects the steering wheel to the brake pedal or clutch pedal with a locked bar. It is a visible anti-theft device that immobilizes the steering wheel of an automobile. The extended arm of the steering wheel lock will hit the windshield or console when the car is turned. A crafty thief may remove it with power tools, so it is best to combine it with another anti-theft device. Your other budget-friendly options are brake locks and tire locks.

Car Locksmith Near Me

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