You want to do everything you can as a homeowner to keep your household and valuables safe. Investing in a high-quality multipoint locking system is one way to accomplish this. These locks are designed to keep intruders out and restrict access to only those you want in your home. While a multipoint lock will cost you more than a standard locking system, there are several compelling reasons to invest in them. In this blog post, we will discuss the reasons why you should make this investment.

They are more secure than standard lock systems

Single-point locks, such as standard deadbolts, are precisely what they sound like–only one part of the door is secure, but the others aren’t. Multi-point locking systems offer three times the security of standard deadbolts, and they can be integrated with other electronic systems to strengthen security even further. With three points of contact, it would take intruders brute force to break through this tough lock.

They add another layer of protection against forced entry

Your door will be vulnerable to forced entry if the main locking mechanism is just in the center of the door. A door with a standard deadbolt lock in the center is relatively easy to break into, requiring an intruder with only moderate force to kick in. Multipoint locks distribute the force of forced entry over the whole length of the door, rather than only in the center, making it far more difficult for burglars to dislodge.

They provide a better airtight seal on the door

A multipoint locking system covers your door’s frame at three different spots, resulting in a substantially tighter door seal that eliminates drafts. This provides a barrier between your home and the outside air, allowing heat to stay in during the winter and cool air to escape during the summer. A locking system that provides a better airtight seal on the door not only enhances security but improves energy efficiency as well.

They prevent tall doors from warping

Do you have a door that is taller than standard doors? Then, it’s more important than ever to make sure that the locks you choose can support the door’s size and secure it properly. Taller doors are more difficult to install with ordinary locks, which could jeopardize your home’s security. It is also more challenging to get a solid seal across the entire door frame with taller doors. A multipoint lock can add stability to your door, making it less likely to warp over time. 

They make your door last much longer

Three is preferable to one. As compared to single-bolt locks, a locking system with multiple points means you have more than one locking mechanism, resulting in less pressure on the door hinges. The less tension on each individual point reduces wear and tear over time, extending the life of your door.

They could save you money on insurance

You may be unaware of it, but a multipoint locking system can help home and business owners save money on your insurance. Insurance companies recognize multipoint locks as providing greater home security than regular deadbolts, and many of them offer discounts to home and business owners that install multipoint locking systems on their properties.

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