Why You Need High-Security Locks on Your Doors

With the rising threat of home invasions and break-ins, it is more vital than ever to ensure you are doing all that you can to protect your family. Many homeowners go for the more affordable locks on their doors to save money, and you may believe that securing your home or apartment with a robust deadbolt is adequate. However, reading this article for a few minutes may convince you that high-security locks are a better fit for your residence. 

What are high-security locks?

High-security locks are locks that are more difficult to break into. While many manufacturers advertise their locks as high security, only those that have received an appropriate security rating (or have been subjected to extensive testing by manufacturers, locksmiths, security experts, and locksport fans) are deemed so. Most high-security locks are designed and engineered to help them withstand manipulation and forceful entry for a set period. The purpose of all high-security locks is not to be indestructible, but to make breaking or picking them costly or time-consuming.

Key benefits of installing high-security locks on your doors

Most high-security locks have many of the following benefits.

They are extremely complicated and hard to crack without professional training

If you have a conventional lock on your door, breaking it does not need much expertise or effort. Anyone who has done even a little study will be able to understand it. One of the foremost benefits of using a high-security lock is that it is much more complicated. Their complex and paracentric keyways prevent lock manipulation by making it more difficult to insert and maneuver tools within the lock. 

Almost every high-security lock has components that are designed to withstand lockpicking and decoding attempts. High-security locks commonly use security pins for their anti-manipulation components in pin-tumbler locks. Some locks feature components that prevent key bumping and impressioning.

They are resistant to destructive or forced entries

An intruder might attempt to break into your lock by drilling into it, and a normal lock will not be able to withstand the drilling attempts of a high-powered drill. On the other hand, high-security locks are constructed of durable materials and have designs that make them impervious to forceful entries. High-quality security locks use steel rods, ball bearings, and hardened metals in their construction, offering a better job of protecting your home.

Furthermore, the cylinder of high-security door locks is also significantly stronger. Intruders may not even need to pick the lock but simply brute-forcing their way through a lock by pushing or kicking the door hard enough. The cylinder on a high-security door lock is substantially more durable and is designed with the goal of withstanding forceful kicking.

It is harder to make unauthorized copies of keys for high-security locks 

Controlling the duplication and distribution of keys for a certain lock can considerably improve the security of that lock’s keying mechanism. To avoid cross keying and allow for complicated master keying setups, high-security locks have typically offered a large number of real and theoretical key differences. It is common for most high-security locks to contain patent-protected key bows and warding patterns to prevent unauthorized copying. A security card must be presented for a locksmith to duplicate keys for high-security locks. It also requires the use of a specialist key cutting machine.

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