The market offers various lever lock options, each with its specific purpose. At Kardo Locksmith, we often get calls from clients who need advice on which type of lever to use for their particular needs. With various options available, we understand that deciding the best for you can be overwhelming.

Are you looking for the best type of commercial door lock? Why not consider a lever lock? This post will provide some guidance to help you choose the right lever for your business or security needs. By understanding the different capacities of each type of lever, you can make a more informed decision.

Lever Lock Types and Their Functions

There are many different types of locking levers for commercial applications. In addition, each type of door requires a different type of lever depending on the level of security needed. Therefore, let us explore the options available for each type of door

A lever lock in chromed finish

Entrance Function

Locking levers are a great way to increase security at your business. Entrance function levers allow a person to lock the lever from the inside using a small turn piece on the lever. It prevents people from entering unless they have a key. Keyed operation from the outside will also unlock the door. As a result, you can easily let people in and out as needed.

Fire safety regulations require that users be able to operate these levers from the inside at all times. The turn piece generally spins into the unlocked position when someone locks the door. That helps prevent users from locking themselves out of rooms. Entrance function levers are great for secure offices and exterior doors that do not need to be locked permanently. 


Storeroom function levers are one type of door lock that offers extra security. With this type of lever, you can only unlock the door from the outside. Therefore, users cannot lock or unlock it from the inside. Additionally, once the door is unlocked from the outside, it will only stay unlocked for one use. For that reason, users always need a key to handle these locks from the outside. 

Storage lever locks are the best way to add an extra layer of security to doors that do not see much traffic. For example, supply closets, rooms with valuable inventory, and doors to important offices often use levers for added security. 

Office Function

Office function levers provide unique features that other locks do not. They resemble entrance function levers because they have an inside keyhole and a turn piece. Operating the lock with a key outside does not unlock the door for the next user. In that sense, the lever acts similarly to a storeroom function lever. However, unlike storeroom function levers, users can unlock the door using the turn piece on the inside. It makes office function levers more versatile and practical for many users.

These types of locking levers can be very convenient in some situations. For example, business owners can unlock their doors during high traffic, making things more efficient. However, these levers can also be accidentally left unlocked, which may only be ideal in some circumstances.

A lever lock set on an office door

Choosing the Best Lever Lock to Keep Your Business Safe and Secure

This article covers the basics of lever functions and how to select the perfect one for your needs. Installing the wrong lever function can lead to security issues, so it is important to be informed before making a decision. You can also find yourself paying for security measures you do not need. Therefore, consulting with a locksmith specializing in commercial door locks is a good action.

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