Traditional locks and keys have been used to restrict entry to buildings, offices, and businesses for ages. However, access control systems have gained popularity as security measures become more stringent everywhere. Property access control systems are essential for companies or organizations that want to maintain ease without sacrificing security. By monitoring and controlling all aspects of a property’s access, commercial access control systems help to keep intruders out and protect occupants and assets within. 

Access control systems also go by the terms “building management systems” or “intelligent access control systems”. These security access systems are crucial for ensuring the safety of your business. Read on for what our commercial locksmith team says about commercial access control and the ones available for your needs.

What Is a Commercial Access Control System?

A commercial access control system helps manage who can enter a facility and which sections they can access. For example, it can allow authorized persons to enter the building while keeping the doors locked for security. With such a system in place, you can have total control over who can access the space and when.

Components of a Commercial Access Control System

Most access control systems for offices and commercial buildings have four common essential components. These four parts are as follows:

Access control panel: The access control panel is a critical part of any property management system. That is because it stores all the information about users and their credentials. This information is programmed by property staff to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to the premises.

Access card reader: The access card reader is a vital part of the security system. It is responsible for scanning and reading a user’s credentials. After reading and encrypting the information, it is sent to the control panel for further processing. 

Access credential: An access credential is a type of key that users need to have access to a property. The most common access credentials include key fobs, ID badges, and mobile apps. In some cases, users may even be able to use their fingerprints as access credentials.

Door release: Once the access control system has approved a credential, it will instruct the door release to unlock the door. It allows authorized users to enter the area while keeping unauthorized individuals out.

Types of Commercial Access Control Systems

There are a variety of access control systems available for offices and businesses. However, the most common commercial building access control systems are as follows: 

Key fob and key card systems: Users enter the building using electronic devices, such as a card or fob. They place their device on the access control reader to gain entry. After that, the system scans the device and verifies the tenant’s login information. If everything is in order, the tenant is allowed entry to the structure.

Keypads: Numeric keypads installed near doors offer a convenient way to give access to users. These devices eliminate the need for physical keys or key fobs, which can be easily lost or misplaced. Users can quickly and easily enter the building by simply entering a PIN code on the keypad.

Mobile access control systems: This system is a great option if you do not want to program fobs or hand out physical credentials. With a mobile access control system, users’ access credentials are always with them. It allows them to open doors with their mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and even devices like Apple Watches.

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