How often do you walk by exit doors without noticing them? Like most people, you probably do not pay attention to these doors, much so their condition. But how well they work can mean the difference between life and death in an emergency. And at the heart of these life-saving exits is a silent hero: the panic hardware. 

In this guide, Kardo Locksmith takes this important door component apart and explains why it is essential and how it works. If you are considering safe and code-compliant emergency exits, this guide will help you. We will discuss choosing and installing the best panic hardware and what experts say about this safety measure. Are you ready to see this matter in a new light? Let us look into it and make sure safety is always in mind.

What Is Panic Hardware For?

Panic hardware is also called an exit device or fire exit hardware. You find them on doors in businesses. A panic device lets people get out quickly and easily in a fire or other emergency, like push bars or handles on a door. That is why it is crucial to pick ones that meet the guidelines set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the International Building Code (IBC). Also, always check the device to see if it works right and has no signs of malfunction. With an exit device in place, you ensure the doors in your business are safe for everyone.

Why Is Panic Hardware Required on Exit Doors?

Quick and Safe Evacuation

Imagine the fire alarm goes off in a busy theater in Downtown LA. Everyone runs to the exit as panic sets in. Doors with panic bars will let people get through quickly without struggling with knobs or locks.

Compliance with Safety Regulations

Living in the City of Angels means abiding by its rules. Los Angeles has building codes in place that mandate panic hardware on exit doors, especially in areas with a lot of people gathering. These regulations ensure buildings stay up to date with safety standards.

A user pushing on a panic hardware

Protection Against Liability

Think of it as an insurance policy for businesses. If an emergency arises and exit doors do not function optimally, leading to injuries or worse, establishments can face hefty lawsuits. With panic bar hardware on commercial doors, businesses look out for the public and their best interests.

Reduced Risk of Crowd Trampling 

Many events in Los Angeles, such as concerts and movie premieres, can draw huge crowds. The chance of being trampled by a crowd is real in an emergency. With exit devices, doors can swing open all the way, giving people more room to get out and lowering the risk of injury.

Versatility in Design

Panic bar hardware is as much about function as it is about style. Many styles of modern exit devices are available so buildings and establishments can keep their sleek look without sacrificing safety.

Ease of Access to All

Panic hardware ensures that everyone, even people with disabilities, can easily use exit doors, in line with L.A.’s welcoming and diverse culture. Anyone can use it—locals or tourists—with just a push.

Protection from Unauthorized Entry

The purpose of exit doors is to make leaving a building easy, but they also keep people from getting in without permission. With a panic bar on the emergency door, people can escape from the inside while blocking entry from the outside. This device is helpful in many places in Los Angeles, from studios to corporate buildings.

What Should You Consider Before You Buy Panic Hardware

Which exit device to choose depends on how it looks and how safe and useful it is. Think about these things to make sure that your exit is not only safe but also looks good. In the end, it is the little things that make the most significant difference in terms of safety and style.

Type of Door Material

Think of this as pairing wine with cheese; some combinations work better. Whether you have a wooden, metal, or glass door, you will want panic bar hardware that looks good and works well with the material of the door.

Location and Environment

Is the door near the coast or in a place where the temperature changes a lot? The environment can affect how long panic hardware lasts and how well it works. For instance, if your doors are exposed to salty air, choose models with anti-corrosive features.

Frequency of Use

It is crucial to consider this if you are choosing an emergency exit for a busy store or a rarely used office. Remember that high-traffic areas demand robust and durable hardware.

Door Size and Weight 

The hardware for a standard door will not work for a large, heavy door. Make sure that the panic devices can handle the size and weight of your door with no problems.

Compliance and Code Requirements

Always be in the know. Different regions or buildings might have specific codes or standards. Before making a purchase, ensure the panic hardware adheres to local regulations.

Aesthetic and Design

While safety is paramount, there is no harm in seeking style. Modern panic hardware offers a range of designs and finishes. Whether you like sleek chrome or old-fashioned bronze, you are sure to find a style that fits the look of your building.

Concealed vertical rod panic hardware on glass doors

Ease of Installation and Maintenance

Not only do the best panic devices work, they are also easy to use. Explore choices that are easy to set up and will not need frequent upkeep. Finding the right balance between safety and ease of use is vital.


It is essential to find something that fits your budget, is safe, and is of good quality. Thanks to all the choices in the market today, you can find panic hardware that does not cost a fortune.

Special Features

In this tech-savvy world, some types of panic devices have alarms or electronic access control systems built right in. Such high-tech features might be helpful depending on your needs.

Ensure Safety and Compliance on Commercial Doors

In a bustling city like Los Angeles, ensuring the safety of its vibrant community is paramount. Panic hardware is a testament to the city’s commitment to safety, seamlessly merging functionality with the L.A. way of life. When it is about exiting in style and safety, Kardo Locksmith knows how to make an entrance.

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