In our modern age, where things change quickly, new technologies bring benefits as well as problems. Technologies have made our everyday lives better. At the same time, they have also made it easier for criminals to do more complicated things. In the past few years, there has been a big rise in car theft, which makes anti-theft devices more important than ever. 

According to a National Insurance Crime Bureau report, vehicle thefts in the United States went up by 9.2% in 2021, with about 873,080 thefts being reported. This rise shows how urgently we need effective ways to stop it. Anti-theft devices make it hard for thieves to steal a car and make it much less likely to happen. In a time when vehicle security is very important, it is not just smart to put the best vehicle anti-theft device in your car—it is a must.

What Are Car Anti-theft Devices?

Car anti-theft devices are systems or devices that make it harder for crooks to get into a car or steal it. These devices can be mechanical, electronic, or a mix of both. They work by scaring off potential thieves and stopping illegal entry. It can also turn off the car if someone tries to start or drive it without permission.

The Different Types of Car Anti-theft Devices

Mechanical Devices

These physical barriers or anti-theft locks keep thieves from getting in or driving the car. Some examples are steering wheel locks, gear shifts, and tires.

A GPS tracker as an example of anti-theft devices

Electronic Devices

These safety devices protect the car with the help of technology. Some examples are:

  1. Car alarms make a loud noise when someone gets in without permission.
  2. Immobilizers: Prevent the engine from starting without the right key or fob.
  3. A GPS tracking system lets you find a car’s location in real time. Imagine having peace of mind knowing that your car is safe with a top-notch GPS tracker.

Identification devices

These make cars easy to find and make it harder for thieves to steal them. A VIN etching and a microdot identity are two examples.

Should Your Cars Have Car Theft Prevention Devices

Here is a breakdown of how these devices protect your vehicle:

Preventive Measures

  • Visible presence: Devices like steering wheel locks or tire clamps are easy to see and can stop thieves from trying to steal the car.
  • Alarm indicators: Flashing lights or stickers that say you have an alarm system can discourage thieves who want an easy target without drawing attention to themselves.

Preventing Unauthorized Access

  • Car alarms: Different sensors (door, window, motion, or shock sensors) set these off and make a loud noise when they sense unauthorized access. It gets people’s attention and may scare off the intruder.
  • Electronic immobilizers: These systems stop the car’s engine from starting without the right key or fob, making it hard for thieves to drive the car away.
An anti-theft system

Turning off the Vehicle

  • Fuel or ignition kill switches: These hidden switches can shut off the fuel supply or the ignition system. If you do not turn the switch back on, the car will not work.

Restrictions to Operation

  • Steering wheel, brake, or gear shift locks: These mechanical devices lock important car parts. Thus, it makes it impossible to steer, stop, or shift without removing the lock.

By adding one or more of these anti-theft devices, you can make your car safer than ever. Not only that, but they can also give you peace of mind that your car is better protected.

Where Can You Buy the Best Car Anti-Theft Devices?

If you are looking for the best anti-theft device for your car, you may visit a trusted shop or vendor. Automotive specialty stores like AutoZone, Advance Auto Parts, and Pep Boys often carry a variety of anti-theft gadgets for cars.

Online Shop Sellers

Amazon: As one of the well-known online stores, Amazon has a wide range of names and reviews from customers. It can help you determine how good a product is and how well it works.

eBay: Though eBay is popular for selling used items, it also sells brand new goods, such as car anti-theft devices, from different sellers.

Manufacturer Websites 

Companies specializing in car security may sell their products straight from their websites. Brands like The Club, LoJack, and Viper have been in the market for a long time.

Electronics Shops 

Some electronics shops, especially ones that focus on car audio and accessories, may sell anti-theft devices.

Car Dealerships 

Some shops offer extras like an anti-theft system or tools when you buy a new car. They may also provide devices you can purchase separately.

Locksmiths and Security Experts 

Some locksmiths and security companies, especially those focusing on car security, may sell and install high-quality anti-theft devices.

Local Classified Ads

If you look in local classified ads or on sites like Craigslist, you might find someone selling a new or barely used item at a discount.

Buying Tips

  1. Research: Before you buy something, find out about its benefits, how reliable it is, and what other people think of it. Make sure it works with the make and type of your car.
  2. Warranty: Look at products that come with a warranty. So in case something goes wrong, this warranty will cover damages.
  3. Professional installation: If you want to ensure that electronic anti-theft devices work properly, you should have them installed by a professional auto locksmith.
  4. Certifications: Car groups or security groups approved or certified some anti-theft devices. This certification shows that these devices truly work.

Remember: Car anti-theft systems are available from many vendors, but you must research and choose wisely.

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