The latest smart lock trend has been taking the market by storm. Home security is much more than a lock and key these days. The migration to smart homes has made security part of a larger umbrella that includes technology in general. Smart locks are one of the most exciting developments in home security. They let you control access to your home with an app. Many can even be remotely controlled with a voice command. Homeowners are now using smart locks for convenience, security, and networking.

How to Choose the Best Smart Lock for a Keyless Home

Since there are different smart locks on the market today, there is a lot to consider when choosing one. At Kardo Locksmith, we compiled a quick buying guide so you can find the one that works best for you.

Choose a smart lock compatible with your wireless home system

Improving Your Smart Home

What smart appliances are there in your house already? What smart features do you prefer? If you already have automated smart home devices but are unclear about which door lock would work best with your setup, seeking advice from a residential locksmith is a wise choice. Consider your current smart home system and its compatible brands before investing in a new smart device. Schlage is a reliable partner in most smart home automation since it works with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Alexa.

Be Aware of Smart Lock Security Features

When selecting a smart lock to safeguard and secure your home, look for additional security features. For example, built-in sound alarms are present in some smart locks. It is also crucial to consider your home’s location and current security measures. Our locksmith experts always advise choosing external door hardware with security protection. What technological innovations or characteristics can completely restore your sense of calm?

Smart locks have programmable auto-lock technology. That lets you check if your door is locked even when you are not at home. You can program smart deadbolts to automatically lock behind you, with a timing range of 30 seconds to 4 minutes. Thus, providing you with security and safety for your home.

Look at the Ease of Access

You have a selection of safe choices for keyless entry and granting guests access. With virtual keys, you can choose to provide access via the home app on your smartphone easily. You might even assign special access codes for the touchscreen keypad if you would rather not use your smartphone. Learn how smart locks differ to know which features suit your family best before selecting one for your home.

Learn About Smart Lock Remote Capabilities

Your life will become significantly more convenient if you can lock and open your door using a smartphone. This is so true since you can do it with just a push of a button. The ability to check your lock’s status from anywhere at any time can provide you peace of mind. So before buying a smart lock, ensure you understand its remote access capabilities. Learn how to incorporate it into your house and way of life. Some smart locks require a separate hub to connect to other smart devices and communicate through WiFi with your phone. Choose a lock with integrated WiFi to make life easier.

Learn about smart lock remote capabilities

Know the Battery Life of the Smart Lock

Choose a keyless door lock with a low battery indicator so you would know when it needs a new battery. Some types have an indicator light that flashes. However, other locks may respond more slowly or require several tries to open the door. This function is crucial since it will prevent you from being locked out due to a dead battery.

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