The introduction of the immobilizer is largely responsible for the decrease in car theft. As a result, immobilizers are becoming more and more popular. Some estimates suggest that up to 95% of cars sold today already have them. This post will take a look at what an immobilizer does. We will also discuss the benefits it can provide for you regarding safety and its value as a theft deterrent.

How Does An Engine Immobilizer Work?

A car immobilizer is a security system that prevents car theft. It has two main parts: a transponder chip in the car key and a receiver in the immobilizer. When you insert the transponder key into the ignition or the remote key fob is in the car, it sends a security code to the receiver. The car will start only when the codes match up. Otherwise, it will not start.

A transponder car key

The upgraded system consists of a two-tier system: a fixed code and a rotational code. Every time you start the car, a new version of the second code is programmed into the transponder. When starting the car, the immobilizer checks the permanent code first. The second changing code is then necessary, which the system compares to the one saved in the database. Only then will the car start,  making it much harder for thieves to steal cars that have this system.

Some immobilizers have an alarm that activates when the wrong key or code is used to try to start the vehicle. Additionally, some digital automotive systems have a feature that notifies a security service in the event of a theft attempt. The security company will then contact the vehicle owner. They will confirm that the driver is not currently in the car and that an attempted theft has been recorded.

How to Determine Whether Your Car Has an Immobilizer

Check out your vehicle manual to find out if your car has an immobilizer. This manual should have all the details on your vehicle. This should include whether or not it is immobilizer equipped. In addition, it includes whether it has been removed or changed. Any skilled mechanic can inspect your vehicle and verify the information if there is no record.

Another way to tell is by taking note of any blinking lights on your dashboard that may indicate the presence of an immobilizer. Even though a second-hand car may have an immobilizer installed by the manufacturer, it is possible that a previous owner has disabled or removed it. On the other hand, the previous owner could have installed a new or replacement immobilizer. So, even though the manufacturer did not install it, the car could still have an immobilizer.

An immobilizer system sticker on a car window

Keep Your Car Safe with an Immobilizer

According to some research, using immobilizers has helped decrease car crime by a considerable amount. Studies have shown that car theft in the US decreased dramatically in the late 1990s and 2000s as immobilizers became more widely used. That is likely because it becomes much more difficult to steal a car when an immobilizer is present.

However, as we increasingly rely on technology to safeguard our vehicles, criminals will still find ways to exploit weaknesses in car security systems. Therefore, awareness of their tactics and how to protect your vehicle from them is crucial.

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