Locks are a part of everyday life. You can see them everywhere—from large companies to normal households, wherever security is needed. A lock rekey is one of the more popular security features for your home or place of business. As a result, rekeying locks has become one of the most common repair services done by our residential locksmiths at Kardo Locksmith. How is it done? What does this step-by-step guide look like? Check out our post below for a quick overview of lock rekeys and how you can do it. 

How Lock Rekey Is Done

Deadbolts and locking door knobs use pin and tumbler locks. These lock types feature a steel cutaway that houses a cylindrical plug. In most models, several springs and pins let a certain key shape revolve in the lock. The depth of the unique grooves on a key must match the pin configuration for it to turn the locking mechanism.

To open the lock with a different existing key, you must first disassemble the lock. Then, replace the pins with new ones matching the cuts and grooves in the new one.

A locksmith performing a lock rekey

Things You Need for a Lock Rekey

To rekey a door lock, you will require the following tools:

  • new lock key
  • rekeying kit
  • tweezers
  • wire tool

How Lock Rekey Is Done: A Step-By-Step Guide

To rekey your door lock, refer to these steps:

Step 1. Get a Lock Rekey Kit

You can purchase it from your local hardware store or have Amazon send it to your home. Pins, numerous keys, and specific tools (plug follower, ring remover, and cylinder follower) are required in the rekeying kit to remove, rekey, and replace an old lock.

Step 2. Remove the Lock Face

A clip holds the lock face in place. As you stand in front of the lock face, you can see a little hole where you can place a wire to remove this clip. The majority of rekeying kits include a wire tool for this use. If yours does not, unbend a paper clip and put it in the hole.

Step 3. Remove the Lock Cylinder

Remove the lock cylinder easily by inserting a cylinder follower through the lock cylinder assembly. Next, remove the cylinder with your hands after removing the sleeve that covers it with a cylinder follower.

Step 4. Remove the Cylinder Retainer Ring

Remove the cylinder retention ring using the ring remover (which may be included in your rekeying toolkit). If not, buy a ring remover separately because you can only rekey the lock if you do away with its ring.

Step 5. Remove the Cylinder Plug

Put the door lock’s current key into the door. Turn it to release the lower and upper lock pins holding the cylinder plug in place. Remove the plug by tapping the plug follower gently into the cylinder and applying pressure.

When removing the cylinder plug, you must ensure that the upper lock pins and their retention springs are in place. If the pins shift from their position and the springs fall out, use a tweezer to replace the springs before removing the plug. 

Step 6. Remove the Lower Lock Pins

Hold the upper lock pins in place with pressure to remove the lower lock pins. They will resemble bullets and have pointed tips that release the upper lock pins and allow the door to open.

A locksmith rekeying a euro cylinder lock

Step 7. Insert the New Lock Key

The higher lock pins’ springs will move out of the way when you insert the new key. As a result, you will feel like the key is turning too easily. You still need to add lock pins to the door lock, which will normalize the new key’s movement there, so do not be concerned if it happens.

Step 8: Replace the Lock’s Pins

The new pins will all be coded by color. It will correspond to a chart that comes with the pins to show you where each pin belongs in the lock. You will need tweezers to pick up the pins and place them inside the lock. Ensure that the new pins and the new key are properly aligned.

Final Step: Reassemble the Lock

Reattach the lock to the door after changing the door knob cylinder, retaining ring, and cylinder plug. To ensure that the door locks and opens easily, insert the new key into the lock.

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