Lock replacement is a very common procedure. As a homeowner, you do everything possible to make your home safe. Whether you live in a house or an apartment, reliable door locks play a crucial role in securing your home. Updating your lock system is a good step whenever safety and security are at stake. But when is lock replacement in order other than when they are broken? First, let us look at the most common situations that necessitate changing the locks.

Reasons to Have Lock Replacement at Home

When you purchase a new house

Did you purchase an older property or a new-built house? Then lock replacement should be among the first things on your move-in checklist. You never know how many copies of the key are out there for pre-owned homes. It is your job as the new owner to replace the locks. Even if the house is newly constructed, contractors, inspectors, and real estate agents come and go during its construction. At some point, these people had access to the keys. Furthermore, some contractors use builder-grade locks when building homes to cut costs. It is best to consult a residential locksmith on which locks are best for securing your home.

When you have experienced a break-in or burglary

Feeling anxious about your home’s security after a break-in or burglary is normal. Though the break-in was done through the window and the door locks were fine, you should still replace them. New locks on exterior doors bring you peace of mind knowing no one else has potential copies of your keys. You can also use this time to add an extra layer of security. That includes anti-pick and anti-snap locks, sash jammers, high-security locks, and window locks. Moreover, some insurance companies require changing the locks after a break-in. Not replacing the locks and your home getting broken into again can void your home insurance policy.

When a renter or tenant has moved out

Are you renting out or leasing your home? Professional locksmiths recommend changing locks at the end of a lease for security reasons. Even if your tenant surrendered the original keys, you do not know for certain that they did not duplicate them. Therefore, you should update the locks to be safe and ensure they no longer have access to the houses. Did your tenant leave without informing you and take the keys with them? Then, consider changing the locks after notifying the tenant. However, you must undergo the legal process before changing locks on the grounds of eviction and abandonment.

When a key has been stolen or gone missing

The chances of a thief using a lost key to access your home are minimal. However, it is for your safety to upgrade your locks if you lose your house keys. Changing your locks is the simplest way to eliminate any risks that may arise from lost house keys. That is especially important if there is identifying information on a keychain. Rekeying the locks is viable, but you cannot rekey some locks. So you may have no other choice but to replace them completely.

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