Implementing an efficient key system is often at the forefront of many owners’ minds. If you are in charge of a large business facility, a master key system has probably crossed your mind. With this type of system in place, one key can grant access to all doors on the premises while still enabling each door to retain its unique lock and key. In this article, we will unpack the advantages of such systems and how they can benefit your establishment.

What is A Master Key System?

A master key system is a controlled set of keys that can unlock a number of doors in a building simultaneously. The system involves several locks, each related to the others in some way. At the top of this hierarchy is one key that unlocks many locks, and at the bottom are multiple individual keys that only open one specific lock. The fewer levels in this setup, the more secure it will be overall.

With master key systems, you can establish different levels of security access for different employees. For example, as a business owner, you would have the “Grand Master” key that opens every lock in the building. But you can also give your employees keys that only open specific areas of your business. It allows you to tailor the security access level to each employee’s needs.

A diagram of a master key system

Four Levels of a Master Key System

Great Grandmaster Key

The great grandmaster key is the top of them all and provides access to the grandmaster, master, and change keys. Generally, the chief executive officer or business proprietor holds onto it. However, in organizations with multiple sites, the CEO can use just one of these keys to enter any building.

Grandmaster Key

Compared to the great grand master key, this key grants somewhat more restricted access. Typically, the company’s managing director is in charge of it. It can unlock all master keys, change key locks, and lock on individual floors or buildings.

Master Key

The master key serves as an all-access pass for certain parts of the building and can be used to lock or unlock change key locks. For instance, the CFO can access the room with financial records and a safe after using their master key. On the other hand, the business manager holds a master key that opens conference rooms but does not authorize admission to the space containing financial documents.

Change Key

At its most basic level is the sub-master (change) key. This type of key unlocks only one lock, which may also be accessible by its associated master key. As such, it is ideal for staff members who require access to just one particular area and not any other premises within an organization.

How Does a Master Key System Work?

It is crucial to know the basics of a cylindrical lock mechanism To understand how a master key works. Cylindrical locks typically have two sets of key and driver pins. The key pins are located on the lower part of the lock. The driver pins are located above the key pins. Both types of pins raise when pressure is applied to them. Therefore, when the correct key is inserted, both pins align, and the lock opens. 

An essential component of master key systems is the addition of a third type of pin known as a master pin. This third type of pin differs from the pins used in more standard locks. By simply adding a master pin, any lock can become part of such a system.

How It Can Benefit Your Business

The protection of your business should be a top priority, regardless of its size. An optimal way to ensure the security of your establishment is through a master key system. An inexpensive and effective solution, this method offers several benefits for you and your company. To name a few:

A key for a master key system


Having one key to open all doors in a business can be incredibly beneficial. With a master key system, owners and employers can decide which areas of their company are accessible with one single key. That would provide convenience for employees and prevent wasted time in an emergency where valuable moments could be lifesaving.

Enhance Security

A key control system is essential for businesses wishing to ensure security. Depending on the nature of their work, employees can access certain areas with various authorization levels. For instance, chief executives are granted a greater range than warehouse managers.

Another advantage of master key systems is that it streamlines the process of handing out keys. Master key systems decrease the number of keys that must be shared among personnel. That also minimizes the likelihood of keys being misplaced or taken unlawfully.

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