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A GM vehicle owner in Los Angeles, CA, called us at Kardo Locksmith for a car locksmith service. Their car would not start, and the security light kept turning on. While still on the line, we asked the client for further information to help our team evaluate the problem. We learned that they owned a GM vehicle with the PassKey III system. About an hour later, our car locksmith arrived at the location and found that the theft deterrence exciter module was the culprit. Performing the 30-minute Passkey III theft deterrent module bypass was simple for us, and we could get the car working again in no time. The car owner expressed how grateful they were for a job well done.

It is unfortunate when your car refuses to start, or the security light keeps flashing. If you have the same problem with your vehicle, then contact us at Kardo Locksmith for assistance. We provide 24/7 automobile locksmith services and are just a phone call away!

What Exactly Is an Anti-theft Car System?

The anti-theft system is designed to protect cars from theft and vandalism. It works through an electrical circuit that cuts off when something suspicious happens. The power supply is cut off, so the vehicle will not start or will break down shortly. The engine can sometimes be rendered inoperable when the system is activated without any danger. What would you do if your vehicle would not start because it has an anti-theft system?

Car Would Not Start: What to Do?

Unfortunately, the system might set off the car alarm or stop the engine from starting for no apparent reason. What would you do if your car would not start because of the anti-theft system? If it is not operating properly, you must turn it off. If the anti-theft equipment prevents your car from starting, you must fix it before it can resume regular operation.

How do you turn off the anti-theft system? Follow these steps:

Test the Battery

When the anti-theft system on your car would not start, you should check the battery first. It can need charging if it is low on power or dead. If that is the case, the car’s system will not be able to read the security code from the key fob. Check the connections to the batteries and try to jumpstart them. The issue will probably be resolved by it.

When You Are Inside the Vehicle

Use this technique when the Theft System light on the dashboard is on, and you can access the car’s interior. Turn the ignition slightly to the right after inserting the key. Keep it there for ten minutes or a little longer. The light will probably go out, and the car will probably start.

Do not forget that the engine is off, but the vehicle is still on. In addition, the radio and dashboard lights will all be on since all the necessary parts will be powered up, making it easy to disable the theft alarm.

When You Are Outside the Vehicle

To unlock the door, insert your car key into the slot on the driver’s side and keep it there for a few seconds after turning the key. This approach occasionally works and helps in bypassing the manufacturer’s alert. It enables the car’s computer to recognize that you possess the genuine key. It is mostly compatible with Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW models and is still usable if the key fob is broken or has a dead battery.

Check the Key

The key could be why your car would not start with an anti-theft system. The keys feature a built-in chip that sends a code to the alarm system when inserted into the ignition. If the key is cracked or damaged, that chip will not function. Try the spare key if the first one is not working. If nothing happens, take the keys to the dealer so they can check the transmission system.

Car Locksmith Near Me

If you are looking for a reliable car locksmith service that can help keep your vehicle safe from theft, then look no further than Kardo Locksmith. Our team of experienced professionals can provide you with the best vehicle theft deterrent system repair in the Los Angeles area, ensuring that your car is safe and secure from theft. We also offer a range of other car locksmith services, so be sure to call us today!


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October 25, 2022

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