Door Hardware Installation San Fernando

Door Hardware Installation San Fernando

A commercial space owner from San Fernando, CA, called Kardo Locksmith for help upgrading their back door hardware. They wanted to boost their space’s security, as their back door was prone to unauthorized access and burglaries. When we inspected the door, we saw that the latch was unprotected, which burglars or vandals could easily push in and unlock. To fix this issue, we recommended installing a latch guard plate to prevent potential intruders from accessing the latch that holds the door shut. After the client agreed, we proceeded with the door hardware installation. We installed the door with a heavy-duty latch guard plate from Prime Line. With this inexpensive modification, their business became more secure than ever before.

Door hardware is the first line of defense against criminals, and all commercial spaces should have it installed. A door hardware upgrade reduces the risk of crime by stopping burglary attempts before they start. Latch guard plates are a great way to stop burglars from breaking into your commercial property. They are strong, made to last, and can save you thousands of dollars in case of a break-in. At Kardo Locksmith, we are experts at installing door hardware for commercial properties, including latch guard plates.

Latch Guard Plates: What Are They?

Latch guard plates are a type of security product used to protect an exterior door from forced entry. These devices are installed on the door frame, surrounding the latch and preventing intruders from tampering with it. Stainless steel, heavy gauge steel, and anodized metal are some of the materials commonly used for latch guard plates. Latch guard plates are also designed to be lightweight and easy to install.

Latch guard plates come in two varieties: out-swinging door latch guards and in-swinging door latch guards. The first type is more typical and shields the latch or bolt of a door from the outside. The second type consists of two basic components. First, the U-Channel is installed at the front of the door. Then the protection plate is installed inside the frame.

Will a Latch Guard Plate Strengthen Your External Door?

A latch guard plate will not reinforce or strengthen the door itself. However, it will help increase security. With a guard installed, burglars cannot pop the lock from under the latch. Even without a break bar or an object inserted through the crack, attempting to pull on the latch will do nothing, as there is no way for them to access it.

What Are the Benefits of Installing a Latch Guard Plate?

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from latch guards in various ways. Most latch guards are installed in as few as three minutes and are designed to fit on virtually any door, making this tool easy for DIYers to install. Moreover, they are available in mirrored chrome and antique brass variants that can give a sleek and stylish look to a front commercial door.

The best latch guard plates are steel-based, unlike other materials like aluminum. As a result, they are durable and long-lasting — so you will not have to re-order them for a long time. Installation is also crucial in terms of security, so ask your professional locksmith service provider about the extra practices they take to keep your commercial space secure.

Door Lock Installation Near Me

Are you interested in increasing the security of your business? One way to do it is to install a latch guard plate. Kardo Locksmith offers high-quality lock and key services in Los Angeles and nearby cities. Our friendly staff and expert locksmiths can meet your needs for residential, business, and automobile locksmith services. We are open 24/7, and our mobile locksmith unit is always ready to help anyone who needs a lock and key emergencies.

Call us for more details about door hardware or immediately receive a service and installation quote. With us, you will never have to worry about catching our team of onsite locksmiths at a bad time. We are always ready!


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December 19, 2022

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