Door Lock Repair Valley Village

Door Lock Repair Valley Village

Kardo Locksmith just completed a door lock repair for an establishment in Valley Village, CA. This business faced an operational challenge with one of its washroom doors. This particular washroom is accessible to guests, making it a crucial factor for the overall customer experience. The door was equipped with a Falcon keyless deadbolt, a robust and reliable security feature. Over time, the thumbturn indicator on the backset of this deadbolt became increasingly difficult to operate, likely due to its heavy daily usage. 

Scope of the Door Lock Repair

Initial Assessment

Upon arrival, our commercial locksmith quickly assessed the situation with great skill. The inspection showed that the main issue was with the thumbturn indicator. Good thing there was no apparent damage to the external components of the lock.


We took off the thumbturn and connected parts to check for internal issues. Next, we made sure to keep all the pieces in one place so we could put them back together.

Inspection and Cleaning

To fix it, we did a full check of the mechanism inside. We took a closer look and found and cleared the buildup of dirt and other debris that were blocking the thumbturn’s mechanism. Then, we applied a Teflon-based lubricant on the moving parts to make sure they worked smoothly.

Reassembly and Testing

We put the lock back together, making sure that each part was in the right alignment and tight. Also, we tested the thumbturn several times to make sure the lock worked properly in both closing and unlocking modes.

Final Verification with the Client

As our final step, we showed the client how the lock worked now. We also gave them tips on how to take care of it so it would not get stuck again.

Client Reaction

The client was pleased with how quickly and effectively Kardo Locksmith resolved the issue. The things they liked most about our lock repair service were how we came on time and how we did the fix so quickly. As planned, the keyless deadbolt worked perfectly, giving them back the safety and ease they needed for this important door. As a result, the business is now back on their daily operations.

In this project, we did a job that shows how committed we are to being quick, reliable, and skilled. Our client’s safety and comfort are always at the top of our priorities.

How Important Is a Functioning Door Lock in a Bathroom

Do you run a café in Valley Village? What if a customer finds the bathroom lock broken? This small detail matters a lot. If the lock is working, your customers will feel at ease. 

In a place as busy as Valley Village, a broken door lock can lead to awkward situations. Fixing it shows you care about your customer’s overall experience. It is a simple yet important way to show your attention to detail and commitment to making everyone feel welcome. Keep those locks working—your customers will appreciate it!

Door Lock Repair Service Near Me

Is your business in Valley Village, CA, dealing with a broken door lock? Do not let this problem affect your customers’ experience. Choose Kardo Locksmith for top-notch door lock repair services. Our skilled team is here to solve any lock issues, making sure your place is safe and easy to access. Need a new lock? We also do door lock installations, enhancing your security with the best solutions out there. Rely on us for efficient and expert locksmith services. Call us today and secure your business the right way!


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February 12, 2024

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