Fingerprint Door Lock Installation Compton

Fingerprint Door Lock Installation Compton

A homeowner in Compton, CA, called Kardo Locksmith to ask for help with home security. We did a house visit and evaluated their door locks to see whether they could be made more secure. The owner reported that the cylindrical knob on their front door was loose and wobbly. We recommended replacing it with an electronic door lock that could fit snugly into the hole for the original knob. The customer selected a fingerprint door lock from our lineup of electronic locks since it has a keyless option. We replaced the old door lock with new fingerprint door locks in less than an hour. Before we left, we demonstrated how to use the fingerprint door lock to the client.

Can your door lock prevent a burglar from breaking in? Many homeowners are replacing their lock-and-key systems with state-of-the-art biometric access control systems. Fingerprint door locks, digital door locks, and biometric locks are cutting-edge solutions for homeowners. Unlike traditional keys and magnetic cards, these digital devices are accessible simply by swiping the fingerprint of an authorized user. It is convenient because you will never have to worry about losing your fingerprint like you would a key. When you lock your door at night or before you leave the house, all you need is that trusty finger.

The Benefits of Fingerprint Door Locks

Fingerprint scanners are becoming a standard in mobile devices, payment systems, and more. We see them all the time — in hotel rooms, mobile credit card processing, and more. Why? For one thing, fingerprints are unique to the individual. In addition, the ability to authenticate users with their fingerprint removes many risks associated with other verification methods. No need to worry about remembering codes or carrying keys around — place your finger and enter. The same configuration can be used here to significantly increase home security because such technology is commonly used in door locks.

Keyless Entry

You do not need a physical key to unlock your door. All you need is your registered fingerprint.

Disable Fingerprint Scanning Option

When you do not want to be bothered by fingerprint scanning, it is possible to disable the function and let anyone in. 

Powered by Batteries

Many biometric fingerprint locks are powered by AA batteries, which can scan up to 6000 times before replacement. Some locks may even have a USB charging cable in case of an emergency power shortage.

Backup Key

You can still access your device with a backup key if the battery drains.

Visual Interface

It will display information on the fingerprint lock screen whenever there is an attempt to unlock it. The app also shows the status of your device’s fingerprint reader during its installation and voice instructions that guide you through the setup process.

High-Quality Material

Tamper-proof, anti-jamming, anti-peep, anti-theft, anti-rust, and scratch-resistant reinforce the device’s integrity, enhancing security and protection.

Upgrade to a Fingerprint Lock

Fingerprint or biometric door locks are more secure than conventional ones. If you want a new lock for your front door, contact a local locksmith for an upgrade to a fingerprint lock. Although digital door locks are more expensive than traditional ones, this cost difference is worth it when compared to the added protection and peace of mind they provide. 

Locksmith Near Me

Kardo Locksmith can upgrade your home security with a new biometric fingerprint door lock. Our residential locksmiths carry only the most innovative, up-to-date locks on the market — and we can install them for you for a reasonable price. In addition, our technicians are experts in the field of home security and can recommend a system that will keep you safe. Call us today for free estimates.


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November 7, 2022

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