Handleset Door Lock Repair Glendale

In Glendale, CA, a homeowner called Kardo Locksmith to repair a handleset door lock. After further inspection, we found the door was stuck and jammed due to the lock’s rust and the latch’s misalignment. Our locksmith disassembled the lock, replaced the damaged components, and corrected the latch. We also cleaned the door handle to restore its original appearance. Successfully, we repaired the handleset door lock, and the homeowner was pleased with the work. The client thanked us for the quick response and affordable handleset door lock repair service.

What Is a Door Handleset?

A handleset has a deadbolt that matches a thumb-controlled latch and an outside handle. It comes in models that are right-handed, left-handed, and universal. The included deadbolt can be either a single or double cylinder, depending on the model. Some manufacturers also offer to match nonfunctional (dummy) handlesets to complement the functional hardware on a double door.

One of the most crucial things to consider regarding your home’s security is the door handleset. This simple device can mean the difference between a safe and secure home, and one that is vulnerable to intrusion. Most handle sets are strong and will work well for many years. However, it is still crucial to constantly check them for any damage that can compromise their security. Fortunately, simple home tools can fix common problems. 

Exterior Door Handleset Repair Guide

Step 1

Close the door carefully, ensuring the latch bolt aligns with the strike plate in the door frame. The plate needs to be at the right height for the bolt to click into place when the door is closed. Release the screws at the top and bottom to change the plate height. After that, take the plate out of the frame. Drill new holes slightly above or below, depending on your need, and then tighten the plate back into place. You may need to chisel away some wood to get it into the correct position.

Step 2

Start by removing the screws on the inside door handle to fix a door that is not latching properly. Then, pull both handles off the door at the same time. Next, inspect the insides of each handle to see whether both move when the handle is lowered. In addition, make sure that the square metal rod running through the mechanism turns the latch mechanism. Finally, consider installing replacement parts as needed to ensure that the handles turn the rod correctly.

Step 3

Unscrew the screws on the side of the door to take out the latch mechanism. Test its movement by prying it out of the door. You may need to purchase a replacement component if it is jammed or broken. To loosen up stiff moving parts, apply some powdered graphite to the mechanism.

Step 4

Reassemble the door by inserting the outside handle, then the inside piece. First, make sure the square metal rod passes through the mechanism. Next, tighten the screws on the inside handle to secure it.

Step 5

Lubricate your stiff or difficult-to-operate lock with a little powdered graphite. Then, work the key in and out a few times to distribute the product around the tumblers. Watchmakers and locksmiths frequently employ this method. Powdered graphite will improve the smooth operation of delicate moving parts.

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December 5, 2022

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