Key Fob Repair Sun Valley

Key Fob Repair Sun Valley

A Sun Valley, CA client called Kardo Locksmith for Rolls Royce key fob repair. Even though they had replaced the battery, their car was not responding to the key fob. Our auto locksmith looked at the key fob and found that dirt had built up inside, preventing the buttons from contacting the circuit board. We used an electronic cleaning solution to clean the circuit board, and our mobile locksmith put the key fob back together. After that, the car responded perfectly to every button press. The owner was very happy with the outcome and thanked us for our prompt, cost-effective locksmith service. They saved money by choosing us compared to what they would have paid for a new key fob.

Smart car key fobs are the latest upgrade of automobile key fob technology. Compared to the traditional remote control, you can use smart key fobs to lock, unlock and start your vehicle with the push of a button. But while keyless entry is a brilliant convenience for many drivers, there are a few issues you should know about. 

Most Common Issues That Need Key Fob Repair 

Dead Batteries

Car key fobs are battery-powered devices. Therefore, they are subject to the same certainty as all other battery-powered devices; their batteries will eventually die. The good news is that most vehicles will warn you when the car’s key fob battery is getting low, giving you plenty of time to replace it before it becomes an issue.

What kind of battery do you need for your key fob?

Not all car keys use CR2032 or CR2025 3-Volt batteries. Different cars require different types of batteries. Checking the owner’s manual is the best way to determine what kind of battery your car key fob needs. However, sometimes you may not have the owner’s manual on hand. In that case, you can always check your current key fob to see which type of battery it uses.

Unresponsive Key Fob

Like our client above, you might not realize it, but your remote control can get pretty dirty. When dirt and grime build up on the board, it can prevent contact with circuit boards when you press buttons. As a result, it can cause problems with your remote.

It is possible to fix this problem, but it requires taking the key fob apart. Cleaning the circuit board will usually do the trick. Some online tutorials show how to do this but follow them carefully. Most modern key fobs use small clips to hold them together. If one is broken, you will not be able to put the fob back together.

Damaged or Faulty Key Fob

One possibility for why your car key fob is not working is that it is defective. Another possibility is that old or loose wiring, water damage, or programming issues prevent the car from locking and unlocking. To figure out the problem, contact a certified auto locksmith to repair or reprogram the key fob to the vehicle.

Misaligned Buttons or Broken Contacts

Stuck or broken buttons can interfere with the key fob’s ability to operate efficiently and send correct signals. You can fix the issue by taking the fob apart and making the necessary adjustments. Or, you may need to take it to a professional automotive locksmith.

Where to Get a Replacement Key for a Car?

When everything else fails, a few options are available when your car remote stops working. You can buy a new one from your local dealer or try to find a used one. Remember that you will need to reprogram your vehicle to recognize a used remote before it works. 

Car Locksmith Near Me

No one likes being stranded, especially because of a key fob issue. Fortunately, Kardo Locksmith is here to help. We offer key fob repair and emergency locksmith services 24/7, so you can trust that we will be there when you need servicing. For free estimates, give us a call today.


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November 21, 2022

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