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A client from Glendale, CA, called Kardo Locksmith for a keypad door lock repair. They found several buttons of their single door lock were not working, and the lock button had become unresponsive. They called us since we also installed their smart lever lock more than a year ago. We dispatched our locksmith right away to do the necessary repair. After performing the keypad error test, we found the batteries were low, and the set screw in the lever had become loose. We replaced the batteries with a fresh set and fully tightened the pre-installed set screw at the bottom of the interior lever. Within an hour, their keypad door lock worked as it did before. The client was so satisfied and grateful for the fast and trouble-free service.

Modern technology has contributed to the rise of smart electronic locks. It provides more functionality than conventional door locks but also has some potential downsides. And with the continuous evolution of door technology, these smart door locks are even getting smarter. Therefore, it pays to learn about the differences between older electronic locks and the latest smart technology-enabled models. In addition, understanding the pros and cons is essential when considering replacement alternatives for your home’s door lock system.

What Do Electronic Door Locks Do and How They Operate

Let us first briefly discuss how the more traditional electronic lock operates. In layman’s terms, electronic locks use an electric current to open and lock the device. Unlike mechanical locks, they do not depend on actual keys for locking and unlocking. The hardware used to operate the lock may vary. They may use magnets and motors, activated by either cutting off or supplying electrical power to the mechanism.

Electronic locks come in many brands and models, including those not yet equipped with smart technology. Instead, they operate with a keypad, where users must enter a set passcode or pin to unlock the door. Others use access cards or key fobs that must be swiped or scanned to gain access. Sometimes, they also feature a mechanical key cylinder to enable access with a standard key.

Advantages of Traditional Electronic Locks

The mechanism is much simpler

Traditional electronic locks best feature is that they are easy to use. That is good for some users as they do not need a smartphone and wireless connection to operate. However, managing access control in the traditional electronic lock system is a potential downside. For example, ensuring that only the right people can access the right places at the right time can be hard to track. In addition, adjustments are sometimes not possible remotely.

Provide convenience and better security

The electronic door lock may considerably improve convenience and security at home. An electronic door lock is a good choice if your household needs the flexibility of having many family members access your front doors or if you want to ensure that no one can trespass your home in the middle of the night.

A keypad door lock is an easy and inexpensive replacement for a traditional key. Because you may set your unique code and change it whenever you want, keypad locks are considerably more secure than standard keyed locks.

Downsides of Smart Locks

Smart electronic locks do, however, have some drawbacks, just like any new technology innovation. First, the potential security dangers posed by smart locks will likely be the primary worry source for many of its clients. These locks may be vulnerable to hacking by cyber criminals, just like all other smart technology-enabled products, posing a potential security risk. Smart lock malfunctions can sometimes happen unintentionally. For instance, a smart lock manufacturer accidentally blocked access for hundreds of customers due to a software update failure. Finally, smart electronic locks are often more costly than their conventional counterparts, which is another issue for many individuals.

Locksmith Near Me

Which kind of electronic lock is best for your property? Of course, your budget, usage requirements, security standards, and other considerations will all play a role in your decision. 

At Kardo Locksmith, we will help you find the perfect door lock that matches your requirements. We are open seven days a week, and our mobile locksmith unit is always ready for installation, repair, or emergencies, including keypad door lock repair and deadbolt lock

Ultimately, whether you choose a standard electronic lock system or upgrade to a more modern one equipped with smart technology, the convenience and security supplied to your home will make the investment worthwhile. Please get in touch with us by calling (323) 999-2036 or completing our free online estimate request form if you want a free quote.


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August 29, 2022

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