Lock Rekey Los Angeles, CA

Lock Rekey Los Angeles, CA

A Los Angeles, CA homeowner called Kardo Locksmith to do what seemed like a simple task: make copies of keys for their doors and gate. Things got tricky, though, when the only key to the iron gate got stuck in the lock. That led us to a lock rekey service that was not initially planned.

Scope of the Lock Rekey

Here is what we did to resolve the issue:

Lock Disassembly

The first thing we did was to take the lock apart to get the stuck key out and examine the lock mechanism.

Inspection and Cleaning

Upon a closer look, we found the lock clogged with dirt and debris. This issue, caused by the lack of proper lubrication, had caused the cylinder pins and springs to misalign. With extra care, we cleared all the dirt buildup and checked if the gate’s lock was still operational. Upon careful assessment, our locksmith suggested a lock rekey instead of a complete lock change.

Rekeying the Lock

Then, upon the client’s approval, we got all things ready for the lock rekey. This process involved adjusting the lock mechanism so it would work with a new set of keys. Once we had everything lined up, we assembled the lock and put it back on their gate. The new keys we cut worked like a charm, smoothly operating the newly rekeyed lock.

Final Tests

After the rekey, we conducted tests to ensure that we fully restored the lock’s functionality.

The homeowner felt relieved and pleased with the quick and cost-effective solution provided by our lock rekey service. They were so impressed by how we turned a sticky situation into a seamless experience, boosting the security of their iron gate without the hassle of a complete lock overhaul.

Lock Lubrication: The Key to Prevent a Sticky or Jammed Lock

Have you ever wrestled with a lock, trying not to snap your key in half out of frustration? If you are in Los Angeles, this might be a familiar situation. But did you know there is a simple way to fix it? Keep the locks lubricated. Just like any piece of hardware, your lock needs a bit of TLC to keep it turning smoothly. Over time, it can get tough to use your key if dirt and other things get stuck inside. You might need a locksmith rekey service or even a full lock change if the mechanism inside gets too clogged. If you lube your key every once in a while, it will slide in and turn with no problems, saving you from these headaches.

Letting your locks go without lubrication can turn a minor nuisance into a real problem. For example, something as simple as making a spare key can reveal a lock that is full of dirt and grime, calling for a lock rekey just to get things back on track. However, keeping up with regular lock lubrication can help dodge these issues, making your locks last longer and saving you the trouble and expense of frequent locksmith rekey services. Think of lock lubrication as an easy, affordable way to keep your home’s locks working well and your home secure. It is a small effort that can make a big difference, helping you avoid unnecessary stress and expense.

Rekey Locks Near Me

Is your key turning into a daily struggle with your lock? If you are in Los Angeles, CA, and facing lock troubles, Kardo Locksmith has the solution you need with our lock rekey services. Do not let a sticky lock disrupt your day or compromise your home’s security. Our expert locksmith rekey services are here to make sure you can lock and unlock your doors with no sweat. So whether it is wear and tear or a recent move that has you thinking about your locks, trust Kardo Locksmith, your local locksmith Los Angeles, to handle your lock rekey needs at any time of the day. Contact us today and secure your home with the best locksmith services in the city.



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May 12, 2024

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