Locksmith Burbank – Office Rekey

Locksmith Burbank - Office Rekey

Kardo Locksmith had an office rekey project in Burbank CA. The business owner called for an office rekey with an updated master key system since they were expanding their offices. We responded to their request for a locksmith Burbank and scheduled a convenient appointment time as the business owner was looking for a commercial locksmith. We were able to completely rekey the additional offices and provided them with an updated master key system for their office location.

If you have a business and you plan to expand your office, securing office locks is essential. You can either opt to replace locks or rekey them. But if you’re looking for a less expensive option, rekeying is the answer. This option helps increase your sense of security because it is the quickest way to reset your key control and preventing old keys from working. It is one of the best practices a business owner can do for the company. Most business owners give preference to less costly procedures, so to rekey all locks is a better choice.

Rekeying door locks doesn’t replace your existing locks entirely but just replaces the pins and springs in the lock cylinder in order to make it a brand new lock. The springs and pins in the lock will be removed, and a new set of springs and pins will replace the old ones. When this is done, it will deactivate the existing keys to function on the new lock, and a new set of keys will be provided. Soon as the lock rekey service is achieved, a new set of keys will be functioning well to fit the new locks rekeyed.

One of the most incredible things about getting a lock rekey is to have a master key system. This is your chance to upgrade your lock system so that your security is top-notch. There are many options a company can choose to make their business property secure, and a master key system is one of them. It is the most efficient way to give more security for a business facility.

Master Key System

A master key system is a smart, scalable, and super-efficient keying solution. Several keys are designed to open a number of selected entries, using different types of locking products and well-organized planning. The master key system provides establishments with all-in-one access control while saving on the number of keys going around.

Benefits of a Master Key System

Convenience – In times of emergency, a master key system makes things very convenient since this means that all or some areas of the company can be accessed with only one key.

Increased security – A master key system allows you to design your key distribution hierarchy to give employees access to only the areas that they need access to.

Higher level of control – Business owners will have more control over the keys and the keyholders since a master key system makes duplication of keys very difficult. Only a specific locksmith can duplicate the keys with permission and verification.

Locks are your office security priority as they are your first line of defense against intruders. So whenever you move into a new office building, get locked out at work, or your building security locks get breached, contact the best Commercial Locksmith technician to replace all of the locks in your office. Kardo Locksmith is a full-service locksmith shop that will have the knowledge and expertise to rekey homes, office buildings, car doors, and vaults and safes. Whenever you encounter lock problems in your office building, trust our reliable commercial locksmith service to provide assistance as the need arises. Our mobile locksmith service covers Burbank and the surrounding area. For reliable commercial locksmith service, contact Kardo Locksmith. Give us a call at (323) 999-2036 to learn more About Us.


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July 13, 2021

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