Locksmith Glendale – Office Rekey

Locksmith Glendale - Office Rekey

Kardo Locksmith had an office building rekey project in Glendale CA. The building manager called for an office rekey since they were remodeling their offices. We responded to their request for a locksmith Glendale and scheduled a convenient appointment time as the office manager was looking for a commercial locksmith. We were able to completely rekey the offices and provided them with updated security locks for their building location.

Every business owner wants to keep its employees, values, and facilities ??safe. Despite advances in technology, there is no more effective way to keep your facility physically protected and secure than with locks and keys. Managing an office building means there are multiple door locks. Each of these locks are opened with a key, and there is a possibility that employees and contractors have gained access to these keys. It is possible that someone with access to these keys may have made a copy. Doing a complete lock replacement every time someone gets a hold of your keys is very inconvenient and expensive. There are situations when rekeying your locks is essential. This is one of the best practices a business owner can do for their company. Most business owners prefer the less expensive method, so rekeying the locks is a better option.

Rekeying door locks doesn\\\’t completely replace the existing lock, it just replaces the pins and springs in the lock cylinder in order to make it a brand-new lock. The springs and pins in the lock will be removed, and a new set of springs and pins will replace the old ones. When this is done, the existing keys will no longer work with the new lock and a new set of keys will be provided. Once the lock rekey service is achieved, a new set of keys will be functioning well to match the new lock.

When should you consider rekeying your locks?

• If someone who shouldn\\\’t have access to your key may have accessed it.

• If an employee left the company and still has a key to the office.

• If you have a tenant turnover and you need to give them new keys.

• If someone has already broken into your building.

One of the best things you can do for your company and your employees is to make sure that your security is at the highest level. There are a lot of ways a company can choose to protect its business property. Your company\\\’s security should be your number one priority, whether you own a small business or a large business. If lock replacement or rekeying is your number one priority, we will be happy to get it done for you. At Kardo Locksmith, we offer our customers quick and trustworthy locksmith services. Be sure to hire a professional commercial locksmith to take care of your locks.

Locks are your office security priority as they are your first line of defense against intruders. So whenever you move into a new office building, get locked out at work, your building security locks get breached, or you’re renovating and upgrading your office, contact the best Commercial Locksmith technician to replace all of the locks in your office. Kardo Locksmith is a full-service locksmith shop that will have the knowledge and expertise to rekey homes, office buildings, car doors, and vaults and safes. Whenever you encounter lock problems in your office building, trust our reliable commercial locksmith service to provide assistance as the need arises. Our mobile locksmith service covers Glendale and the surrounding area. For reliable commercial locksmith service, contact Kardo Locksmith. Give us a call at (323) 999-2036 to learn more About Us.


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September 1, 2021

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