Locksmith Los Angeles Office Rekey

Locksmith Los Angeles Office Building Rekey

Kardo Locksmith had an office building rekey project in Los Angeles CA. The building manager called for an office rekey and requested an updated master key system since they were reopening their offices. We responded to their request for a locksmith Los Angeles and scheduled a convenient appointment time as the office manager was looking for a commercial locksmith. We were able to completely rekey the offices and provided them with an updated master key system for their building location.

Businesses have now reopened after COVID-19, and you may need to address issues including social distancing and health practices. You also need to think about your employees and property\\\’s needs and their security. You may also want to upgrade your offices and buildings to better protect your employees, clients, and inventory. Whether it\\\’s keys, locks, or alarm systems, we must consider the security and safety of the building you are about to reopen. Let our commercial locksmith offer you some unique ways to enhance your company\\\’s security before allowing employees and clients to enter.

Tips for securing your business

Rekeying your locks

It\\\’s very common for business owners to reopen a business and not think about changing locks. Our best advice is to change your locks because you don\\\’t know who else has a key to your building. Other than changing your locks, you can choose to have your locks rekeyed. It is a cheaper option, and it will give you peace of mind.

• Install a master key system

There are various types of rooms in an office; a storage room, meeting room, security room, etc. Imagine carrying separate keys for all these doors. You can streamline the security of your premises by installing a master key system. A master key is helpful for business owners since it allows them to open all the locks in the building with one key.

• Keys for contracted staff

If you have a large business complex, it goes without saying that you will have to give the keys to various contractors such as cleaners who may work outside the business hours. These people would need access to the building. You can provide them with a set of duplicate keys, but ensure that they are recorded so that you know exactly who has access to your workplace. Also, you should never write an address on a key tag or the office number. You risk giving away the location in the event that you lose the keys, or they fall into the wrong hands.

• Limit office keys

When you give someone the keys to your office, you give them full access to everything in your workplace. The keys that you provide must be numbered and signed when handed over to an employee. Also, make sure they understand that if they lose the keys, they should let you know immediately.

• Call a locksmith

When people have trouble locking or unlocking their doors, they often don\\\’t call a locksmith until they are eventually locked out or unable to open the door. We recommend hiring a commercial locksmith as soon as you experience difficulties with a lock, as this will usually save you money to have it fixed sooner rather than later.

Now that you know how to secure your business, don\\\’t waste another minute calling a commercial locksmith and having your security arrangements checked. Kardo Locksmith will be able to provide you with a fair assessment of your security situation and help you make an informed decision that is well within your budget. Delaying your security upgrades will only expose you to the risk of being stolen.

When you need key and lock services for your business, turn to the experienced team at Kardo Locksmith. We provide a wide range of services, from high-security locks and keys to rekeying and emergency lockout response. Our mobile locksmith service covers Los Angeles and the surrounding area.  For reliable commercial locksmith service, contact Kardo Locksmith. Give us a call at (323) 999-2036 to learn more About Us.


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August 3, 2021

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