Locksmith Los Feliz House Rekey

Locksmith Los Feliz House Rekey

Kardo Locksmith had a house rekey and lock replacement project in Los Feliz, CA. The homeowner called for a locksmith as they wanted to upgrade their locks. We quickly responded to their request for a locksmith Los Feliz as the homeowner was looking for a residential locksmith. We rekeyed the house entirely and provided them with new secure locks throughout their home.

A reliable locksmith company will provide a lot of different locksmith services like rekeying or changing the locks. You need a residential locksmith team that possess the skill to solve any garage door problem. You should definitely change or rekey your locks if you want to upgrade the security of your home. You should do this if you lost your keys, a break-in happened, your locks are worn and old, or you just want to make sure that you’re secure. To make sure that your house is safe from intruders, it’s best if you change the locks or rekey.

Lock replacement vs rekey

Replacing a lock involves completely removing old locks and replacing them with new ones. Rekeying a lock consists of changing the lock’s mechanism so that the old key doesn’t fit the same lock. You have to remember that you’ll have to seek help from a residential locksmith to do the job for you whether it’s replacing a lock or rekeying. To help you choose with option is better, consider these aspects:

Safety Lock replacement is the safer option because you are replacing the old lock completely. You can remove less safe locks and replace them with stronger and more secure locks. The locks themselves aren’t increasing or decreasing in security if you rekey, the lock just maintains the same level of its security. So, if you want to fully maximize your security, lock replacement is the option for you.

Price – While lock replacement is the safer option, rekeying is the less expensive one. When you rekey your locks, you just simply change its pins, which are very inexpensive. With this option, you don’t have to pay for the pins yourself, you just simply have to pay a residential locksmith who is doing the rekeying.

Lock’s age – Locks suffer wear and tear over the years and become worn out. If your home has old, worn-out locks, lock replacement is better than rekeying them. It’s best to completely remove a damaged lock and replace it with a new one instead of simply replacing the pins inside it.

Better in Different Situations

If you’re deciding between these options, know that both replacing your locks and rekeying them is better depending on the situation. Lock replacement is better for both safety and the lock’s age because you get to upgrade less safe and worn-out locks. However, rekeying is better if you want to make your house a bit safer at a less expensive price.

Kardo Locksmith offers residential locksmith services when you need an emergency locksmith to help you with lock replacement when a break-in happens, when you want to upgrade your lock security, whenever you get locked out at home, some previous tenants moved out, or new people move in, and whenever you lose your keys. Be sure to hire a professional residential locksmith to take care of your residential locks. Securing your home by lock rekey should be done as early as possible. We also provide rekey services for commercial locksmith and auto locksmith 24/7. We can provide strong door locks guaranteed for your convenience, greater security, and fantastic value for your money. Kardo Locksmith is the name you can trust! Our mobile locksmith service covers Los Feliz and the surrounding area.  For reliable residential locksmiths, contact Kardo Locksmith. Give us a call at (818) 999-2036 to learn more About Us.


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September 15, 2021

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