Locksmith Atwater Village House Rekey

Locksmith Atwater Village House Rekey

Project Description

House Rekey in Atwater Village CA

Kardo Locksmith had a house rekey project in Atwater Village CA.  The property owner called for a house rekey since they were having new tenants move into the house.  We responded to their request for a locksmith in Atwater Village quickly as the property owner was looking for a residential locksmith who could work the next day.  We were able to completely rekey the house and provided them with more secure locks throughout the house.

Apartments for rent help provide a place to live for tenants without having to spend a lot on buying a house. This can also provide a source of investment profit for landlords.  However, renting your property entails exposing your privacy and taking care of your security is of utmost importance. Significantly, since your property passes from one tenant to another, once the lease is up, you can’t avoid the fact that tenants may think about their own security while staying in your place soon as they move in. Most tenants are worried that the previous tenants might possibly still have access to the apartment although it is a standard procedure for previous tenants to surrender their keys to the landlord soon as it is their time to move out of the premises. A residential locksmith will remind you that there will still be a probability that they may have given a key to their family members or friends who were not able to return the copy to them. This could pose a risk for the new tenants since it would grant easy access to these strangers.

New tenants mostly yearn to have the locks changed by their landlord once they move in to avoid entrance of someone with a copy of the old key to barge in. Typically, landlords might be reluctant to  pursue since changing locks cost a lot of money. It is also hard for the landlords to change locks every time someone new moves in particularly when they have hundreds of apartments for rent and their tenants just come and go. In some locations, lock replacement is not required legally for tenants to change locks when they have new tenants moving in.

The best solution to this problem is to rekey the locks when someone new moves into the apartment. This requires a professional locksmith to change the pins so the old keys will no longer function. This can provide both the tenant and the homeowner peace of mind knowing that old keys can’t be used by previous tenants anymore to get in as well as their relatives or friends without permission. To rekey is the best resolution that will benefit the landlords since this process will save them from spending too much on lock replacement every time someone moves in, particularly if landlords own a lot of properties for rent. 

So when unavoidable situations occur such as whenever you get locked out at home, you lose your keys, an intrusion or burglary occurs, someone renting your place moves out and a new renter moves in, and you are in an emergency locksmith situation, security locks get breached so contact the best residential locksmith technician to replace all of the locks in your house. To save a lot of money by rekeying your locks instead of changing the locks, hire a professional residential locksmith to take care of your residential locks Securing your home by lock rekey should be done as early as possible Our mobile locksmith service covers Atwater Village and the surrounding area.  For reliable residential locksmiths, contact Kardo Locksmith. Give us a call at (818) 999-2036 to learn more About Us.

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