Locksmith Burbank – Office Rekey

Locksmith Burbank – Office Rekey

Project Description

Kardo Locksmith had an office rekey project in Burbank CA.  The business owner called for an office rekey with an updated master key system since they had some employee turnover.  We responded to their request for a locksmith Burbank and scheduled a convenient appointment time as the business owner was looking for a commercial locksmith.  We were able to completely rekey the offices and provided them with an updated master key system in their office location.


There is a substantial rate of employee turnover in the retail industry as those who work in this industry tend not to stay longer. Turnover is interpreted as money and time spent on new employee training as well as interviews considering those assigned to focus on training these newly hired cannot concentrate on their daily tasks. Thus, ending up with employees not being happy or service provided to customers by these staff members may also be compromised.


One more issue arising from the high turnover rate of employees is the cost of replacing locks and keys. Most managers give out keys to particular areas allowing employees to open the store, access inventory or simply work at the office. However, once a worker is let go from work or asked to leave, he/she may still have a copy of the office key and still have access to the building. To make sure that security won’t be breached, business owners are then forced to contact a commercial locksmith in order to have a new master key system, or to have locks replaced or buy new keys for their new staff. Sadly, this can be a crucial budgetary stress. 


 When you consider cost effectiveness, it not just covers the materials and tools to be used but also the labor cost of professional commercial locksmiths which are not that much so that will have to be allotted on your budget. An expert locksmith can speedily accomplish this task when you think about how easy and fast the locksmith can complete rekeying. This would not require much manpower since only a key decoder, spanner, a catch tool and the existing keys for the lock being rekeyed. You won’t need to pay another locksmith as this can be done by only one expert. So when it comes to office building locks, hiring a reliable commercial locksmith for services like rekey is a really smart move.  You will have confidence to feel secure in your office building since a new set of keys will be created and the old keys will be a thing of the past.

Rekeying door locks does not totally replace your existing locks but just replaces the pins and springs in the lock cylinder in order to make it a brand new lock. Rekeying means opening the lock so the expert commercial locksmith can change the tumblers within the lock cylinder. The springs and pins in the lock will be removed and a new set of springs and pins will replace the old ones. When this is done, it would disable the existing keys to function on the new lock and a new set of keys will be provided. Soon as the lock rekey service is achieved, a new set of keys will be functioning well to fit the new locks rekeyed. This is a simple yet forthright process for professional commercial locksmiths.

So whenever you get locked out at work and you are in an emergency locksmith situation, security locks get breached so contact the best commercial locksmith technician to rekey all of the locks in your office instead of lock replacement. This will save you time and money as well. For other reasons besides a lockout, such as employee turnover or moving into a new office building, ensure the safety of your business and organization by trusting a reliable commercial locksmith to handle the job for you.  Our mobile locksmith service covers Burbank and the surrounding area.  For trustworthy commercial locksmiths, contact Kardo Locksmith. Give us a call at (818) 999-2036 to learn more About Us.

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