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Locksmith Downtown LA – Office Building Rekey

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Kardo Locksmith had an office rekey project in Downtown LA.  The building owner called for a building and office rekey with an updated master key system since they had some tenant turnover.  We responded to their request for a locksmith Downtown LA and scheduled a convenient appointment time as the building owner was looking for a commercial locksmith.  We were able to completely rekey the entrance to the building along with the offices and provided them with an updated master key system for the whole building. Running an office building means there are a lot of locks for doors. Every single one of these locks is opened with a key, and there's a possibility that employees and contractors have gained access to these keys. It is possible that someone who has access to these keys has made a copy. Getting a lock replacement every time someone gets a hold of your keys is impractical and expensive. There are a few situations where it is essential to get your locks rekeyed. When should you rekey your locks?

  • If someone who shouldn't have access to your key may have accessed it.
  • If an employee left the company and still has a key to the office.
  • If you have a tenant turnover and you need to give them new keys.
  • If someone has already broken into your building.

One of the most important things you can do for both the business and the employees is making sure the security is top notch. There are a lot of options a company can choose to make their business property secure. Security should be the top priority for every business owner whether big or small. A master key system is one of the most efficient ways to give more security for a business facility. What is a master key system? A master key system is a scalable option that provides multilayered security levels for business establishments. It is a system in which a single master key can open numerous locks within a facility. If you want to boost your business property's security, then a master key system is the option for you. Benefits of a master key system Better security - It becomes easier to separate areas for your staff. You can prevent people from getting access to restricted areas where documents or valuables are stored. Improved productivity - You can give employees access to areas they need to go without disturbing you every time they need access to specific departments or parts of an office building. Customizable - You can be able to scale your locking system as your business grows. There are electrical and mechanical master key systems that can be adjusted to your business needs. A customizable system can guarantee better security and efficiency. Better management - You will need to have unlimited access to a commercial building if you are the owner. On the other hand, you can give master keys to a trustworthy manager or staff. Convenience - All sections of a commercial building will be freely accessible to you with a single master key. A commercial locksmith is your best option to install a master key system for your business. Wondering whether you need a master key system? It is an ideal option for any type of commercial building. Whenever you move into a new office building, get locked out at work or your building security locks get breached, contact the best commercial locksmith technician to get your locks rekeyed and have yourself a master key system.  Our mobile locksmith service covers Downtown LA, and the surrounding area.  For reliable commercial locksmith service contact Kardo Locksmith. Give us a call at (323) 999-2036 to learn more About Us.

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