Burglars are always looking for new ways to get into houses. They frequently target sliding glass doors, as these doors are usually vulnerable entry points with very little defense. If you have a sliding glass door in your home, you should take precautions to keep it safe from intruders. By following a few simple measures, you can significantly improve the security of your sliding glass door and deter would-be burglars. To start with, here are a few suggestions:

How to Protect a Sliding Glass Door From Burglars

Install a security bar in the track of the sliding glass door 

A security bar is an effective tool in fortifying a sliding glass door. It is a simple metal or wooden rod that prevents the door from sliding open even if the lock is broken. You only have to secure one end of the security bar to the door jamb and a steel saddle bracket to the back end of the sliding panel to secure the other end. To install the device, you must have a total of about five screws. The main advantage of this type of security bar is that shaking the door will not remove it because it fastens into the jamb and the panel.  

There are pressure-mounted security bars that do not require installation and work without requiring drilling any holes in the jamb or the wall. Just slide the security bar into the sliding door’s track, adjust the length, and that is it. If you have a tight budget but still want to improve the security of your sliding doors, then go for a simple dowel. Choose a wood dowel because it is sturdier than a plastic dowel while still being easy to cut to size.

Add a secondary locking device on your sliding glass door

Consider reinforcing the standard lock on your sliding door with one that gives a higher level of security. For example, a two-bolt locking system is a simple lock that protects sliding glass doors. These locks are available online and in hardware stores. They are simple to install and mount on the door at any height. When you switch a two-bolt lock to the locked position, a steel bolt inserts into the frame. This system gives the latch an extra layer of security. 

The market offers some types of smart locks for sliding glass doors. These keyless solutions allow you to lock and unlock a sliding glass door from both inside and outside the home. This type of lock is usually more secure than ordinary sliding door locks since it is stronger and more tamper-resistant. In the event of a fire or other emergency, they are also easier to unlock than traditional keyed lock mechanisms.

Use security film to reinforce the glass panel 

You can use safety glass, such as laminated glass, to reinforce the glass panel of your sliding door. These are extremely difficult to break through, albeit a more expensive option. Adding a security film to the glass is a more cost-effective approach. It works by keeping the fractured pieces together and preventing the glass from breaking. A high-quality, thick security film can make breaking through the glass panel extremely difficult and tiresome. Stay away from low-quality ones, as they will only provide you with a false sense of safety. Installing a security film can be difficult. If you do not have any prior knowledge, it is generally not a good idea to attempt it without the help of a professional locksmith.

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