Your car key is arguably one of the most important things in your life, yet you probably do not give it much thought. Car keys are a necessary aspect of owning and driving a vehicle. They enable individuals to start and drive their cars and have access to the trunk for storage. 

Did you know that automobile keys come in a variety of types and features? Whether you are in the market for a new vehicle or simply want to learn more about the keys you already have, keep reading to learn more about the many varieties of car keys.

What Are the Different Types of Car Keys?

Mechanical Car Keys

Mechanical keys are the standard key that you would find in older cars and trucks. These standard keys are straightforward and do not have any encoding or mechanism to unlock the doors and start the engine. They have a distinctive pattern of grooves cut along one edge of the blade that corresponds to the pin settings of a specific car lock. The lock will not open until there is a perfect fit. 

Some automobile models and vintage cars still use mechanical car keys. Car key duplication of these classic ones is possible even without the original key. An emergency auto locksmith can simply inspect the lock itself for information necessary for cutting and create new keys using a key cutting device.

Laser Cut Keys

Laser cut automobile keys are more advanced than standard mechanical keys. These keys come with a two-sided design that allows them to fit into a vehicle’s ignition in any direction. They are thicker and more sturdy, so wear and tear are no longer a problem with this new key design.

Laser cut keys offer more security benefits. These keys’ blunt edges render them untraceable to a key reader, preventing automobile theft. Specialized software and a high-tech laser cutting machine are necessary to make them. So only authorized car dealers and trained car locksmith professionals can duplicate them. That is good for preventing unwanted duplicates.

Transponder Car Keys

Nearly every car manufacturer has adopted transponder keys. They appear to be conventional mechanical keys at first glance. Transponder keys, however, have RF transmitters in their plastic heads. The chip transmits a unique code to the vehicle’s microcomputer, and if the code matches the vehicle’s, the ignition will turn on.

Transponder keys make vehicles more resistant to auto theft. If the microcomputer in the ignition does not recognize the signal from the key, the car will not start. The vehicle will also not start if a duplicated key is used instead of the original. Because the key must be compatible and computed to the vehicle, only authorized dealerships or licensed automobile locksmith companies can make them. 

Key Fobs

Key fobs are little devices with buttons that unlock and lock the doors of an automobile without the need for a key. A radio signal is sent to your car’s receiver unit when you push the button on your key fob. If you correctly program your automobile, you can open and lock your doors as well as start it. Some key fobs can even unlock the trunk or start the car from a distance. Purchasing a new key fob from a car dealer is the best option to replace one, although a capable mobile locksmith can also replace a key fob.

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