Rekeying might sound like a technical term, but it is a simple yet effective way to keep homes and businesses safe. Think about it like this: when you lose keys, you do not want them to work with your locks because you never know who might have them. That is why rekeying is such an important part of keeping homes and offices safe. This blog will explore how this simple locksmith service can make a big difference in our security.

What Do You Mean by Rekeying?

Rekeying a lock changes its internal mechanism so a new key can open it, and the old key would not work anymore. There is no need to change all of the lock’s hardware because this process basically makes it a new one. Additionally, it is an effective and affordable way to keep unauthorized people from entering your property.

Rekeying does not make the lock less secure, nor does it make it more secure. The security of a lock mostly comes from the number of pins inside it. So, if a locksmith swaps out the old five pins for five new ones, your lock will be just as secure as it was before. If you are looking to boost your lock’s security, your best bet is to replace your current locks with new ones that offer higher security.

When to Rekey Your Locks

Rekeying locks is an important part of maintaining both houses and businesses safe and secure. You might want to rekey the locks in the following situations:

For Home Security

After Moving into a New Home

Just moved into a new residence? Make sure to rekey the locks. The old owners, their friends, or workers might still have keys. You will rest easy knowing you are the only one who can get in.

After Losing Keys

Rekey your locks if your keys go missing. That prevents anyone who finds them from walking into your house.

After a Break-In

If someone broke into your home or tried to, rekey your locks right away. It helps keep your home safe, especially if they took your keys and might come back.

Relationship Changes

To protect your security and privacy, rekey your locks after a roommate moves out or after a split with a partner.

Old or Worn-Out Locks

If your locks are getting old or do not work well, it is time to rekey them.

When Keys are in Circulation

If you have given keys to contractors, cleaning services, or neighbors, think about rekeying your locks from time to time to stay secure.

For Business Security

Employee Turnover

Did a staff member leave? Rekey your locks when employees leave, especially if things do not end well. That prevents them from coming back in without permission.

After a Security Breach

Similar to homes, if your business has experienced a break-in, rekeying is essential to secure your premises.

A locksmith rekeying a commercial lock after an attempted break-in
Upon Taking Over a New Business Location

When moving your business to a new location, rekey the locks to prevent access by the previous owner’s employees or contractors.

Lost or Stolen Keys

If your business keys are lost or stolen, change your locks to prevent theft or damage.

Upgrading Security

If you are upgrading your security system, include rekeying as part of the process to ensure all aspects of your security are updated.

The Benefits of Lock Rekeying

One of the important things you can do to keep your home or office safe and secure is to rekey the locks on your doors. Some of the best reasons to rekey your locks are:

Enhanced Security and Key Control

Rekeying your locks is safer. That is especially important when you just moved in because the former owners or employees may still have the old keys. Rekeying will also give you control over who has access to your locks. In addition, installing more advanced locking systems can help prevent burglaries and other illegal entries.

Lock Rekeying is Cost-Effective

Compared to lock replacements or lock changing, rekeying is a more cost-effective solution. It lets you keep the same level of security without having to buy and set up new lock hardware.

Rekeying a Lock Is More Convenient

Rekeying can also make things easier, especially for businesses or big homes with numerous locks. With a master key system or rekeying locks to work with a single key, you can make managing keys easier and carry fewer keys with you.

Meeting Insurance Requirements

As for the locks on doors and windows, some insurance companies have rules or suggestions about what works best. You can make sure you meet these standards by rekeying your locks, and it might even help lower insurance premiums.

Quick Solution

Rekeying is typically a quicker process compared to replacing locks entirely. It minimizes downtime and inconvenience associated with changing locks, allowing you to restore security promptly.

A locksmith rekeying a door lock
Environmental Friendly

Rekeying is also good for the environment. Instead of tossing out the entire lock, you just switch out parts of it. That means you create less trash for landfills. It is a simple but helpful way to be kinder to the planet.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that your locks have been rekeyed provides peace of mind, especially in situations where keys may have been lost, stolen, or distributed to individuals who should no longer have access.

Remember to check if you need to rekey your locks regularly, which can keep you, your family, or your business safe. Rekeying is an easy and effective way to feel secure after big changes in your life. Are you considering rekeying your locks? It is worth consulting with a professional locksmith Los Angeles. They can help you decide when and how often you should do this, depending on what you need.

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