Choosing door knobs for your home entails keeping essential factors in mind. These include the hardware’s finish, material, and function. However, with so many choices, the selection process can be overwhelming. You have come to the right page if you are considering purchasing a doorknob for your home but are unsure which to choose. Continue reading to learn more on how to select the best one for your home.

Different Kinds of Door Knobs for Homes

As mentioned earlier, there are many different sizes, finishes, and materials of door hardware. In addition, some knobs are purely aesthetic, while others are more functional. Here is a list of some popular styles:

Dummy Door Knobs and Levers

Also called surface-mounted, these are the most common type of door knob. They are often used on doors that do not need locking, such as closets or pantry doors. A latch or rotating mechanism is often lacking from dummy knobs.

A dummy door lever

Dummy levers and handles are often used on closet and French doors, making them easier to open with a push or pull motion. Non-turning levers for interior doors, like this Schlage dummy door lever, are perfect for interior doors where latching is not needed.

Passage Door Knobs

These double-sided knobs have a latch and can only be opened by twisting the knob, meaning they cannot be opened with a push or pull.

Hallways, closets, and utility rooms that are typically closed but do not require locking use passage door knobs. This sleek Copper Creek colonial passage door knob is sized to fit most doors and meets the ANSI grading standards for residential and builders’ hardware.

Privacy Door Knobs

The privacy door knob is an upgrade from the passage door knob. However, it shares many of the same features, such as a latch that you must turn to open it. In addition, the privacy door knob has a button lock. Therefore, it is ideal for use in rooms where privacy is needed, such as bedrooms and bathrooms.

You can use a privacy knob with a built-in locking mechanism to secure a door from one side. You will need an emergency key or small pin to unlock it from the other side. 

Keyed Entry Door Knobs

As you step up your security needs, you may want to consider keyed entry door knobs. These function similarly to privacy door knobs but use a key for the locking mechanism.

This hardware is typically found on entrances and exit to homes, such as front doors, garage doors, and patio doors. Most keyed entry door knobs require a specific key that fits only that knob. You can purchase sets of these that all use the same key or have a locksmith Los Angeles rekey them to accept the same key.

Keypad Door Knob

Investing in a keypad door knob will be a great way to increase security in your home. This type of door knob is similar to a regular door knob but requires a pin code for entry instead of a key. It is perfect for people who often forget their keys or want an automated home.

Keypad door knobs are an extremely convenient way to secure your home. They can be used on any door, whether it be the front door, garage door, or patio door. You can also use them in home offices or rooms that need extra security.

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