Are you considering automatic door closers for your retail store in Los Angeles, CA? With so many options out there, this can be daunting. Do not worry, though. Kardo Locksmith has you covered. This quick, easy guide will take you through everything you need to know about automatic door closers. We will talk about their awesome benefits and the simple installation process. Ready to dive in? Let us explore how these nifty devices can make your storefront doors safer and more convenient.

What Is a Door Closer?

First, you might wonder what exactly a door closer is. An automatic door closer is a useful tool that closes a door promptly upon opening. In fact, it can be a real lifesaver in a busy retail setting where doors are always in use. Auto door closers come in all shapes and sizes. There are surface-mounted, concealed, and floor-spring options, each with its significant benefits. The choice really depends on your actual needs and budget and the design of your storefront doors.

Why Go for Automatic Door Closers? 

Got commercial doors? Automatic door closers are a must-have safety feature. They make sure the doors close securely every time, cutting down on the chances of unauthorized entry. Yet, there is more! These handy devices help you save energy by keeping your store comfy. By ensuring your doors are always closed, they keep the indoor temperature just right. Hence, they are not just about security. They also have got some extra perks, too.

Enhancing Retail Store Security

Try pairing door closers with other security systems like alarms or CCTV cameras, and you have an unbeatable safety combo. So, to keep your business, investments, and clients protected, why not install automatic door closers? It is a very smart move.

Customer Convenience

Imagine that a customer is carrying a lot of bags or that a parent is with a baby. With an automatic door closer, they do not have to close the doors by hand, which makes these situations a lot easier to handle. In fact, customers will be more likely to come back to your store if this extra feature makes doing errands a lot more convenient. Also, automatic closers can make your store easier for persons with disabilities to access.

An automatic door closer mechanism mounted on a door enhances accessibility and security.

Types of Automatic Door Closers

There are several types of automatic door closers to match different needs and situations. The main types include:

Overhead Door Closer

It often appears at the top part of the door. These popular closers come in various styles, such as regular arm, top jam, and parallel arm.

Concealed Door Closers

These sleek closers, concealed within the door or frame, give your store a cleaner, more stylish appearance.

Surface Mounted Closers

As the name suggests, these door closers mount directly on the surface of the door and frame. While they are visible, these door closers are budget-friendly and easy to install. Options include slide-track arm, regular surface-mounted, parallel arm surface-mounted, and top jamb mounted.

Floor-Spring Door Closers

These are more discreet options, often placed on the floor beneath the door. That makes them ideal for effortlessly handling doors made of glass or other heavy materials.

Note that each type of door closer has its unique perks and features. Thus, picking the right one depends on your door’s needs and the functionality you are after.

The Door Closer Installation Process

When you call our pros at Kardo Locksmith, installing automatic door closers is a breeze. First, we assess your doors to figure out the best type of closer for your business needs. Then, with great care, we install the closer to ensure everything works smoothly and reliably. Remember, improper installation can cause hiccups or make the door closer less effective. So, it is always best to trust the experts. Plus, with professional installation, you will get handy tips on maintenance to keep your automatic closer in tip-top shape.

How to Keep Door Closers in Good Shape

Want to keep your door closers in great shape? Then, follow these basic maintenance tips:

Regular Cleaning

Give your door closer some maintenance by regularly wiping it down with a damp cloth or towel. Remove dirt, dust, or debris from the surfaces or moving parts.


Oil reduces friction and keeps everything running smoothly. So, show your door closer some love by applying lubricant to its moving parts, like hinges, springs, and pivot points. However, use the lubricant that the manufacturer recommends. 

Check for Loose Screws

From time to time, give your door closer a once-over and look for any loose screws or bolts. Then, tighten them up as needed to keep everything securely in place and working perfectly. 

Inspect for Damage

Every once in a while, give your door closer a good look to check for any signs of wear or damage like cracks, dents, or leaks. If you notice anything amiss, it may be time for a door closer repair or replacement. 


Meanwhile, make it a habit to check the settings of your door closer, like the closing speed and force. Tweak them as needed, following the manufacturer’s instructions, to make sure your door closes smoothly and securely.

A locksmith installs an automatic door closer on a door, ensuring smooth and controlled door movements.

Test the Operation

Now, it is time to give your door closer a test run by opening and closing the door. Make sure it shuts with no difficulty, no slamming or resistance. However, if you notice the door closing too fast or not closing properly, adjust it as needed.

Read and Follow the Maker’s Instructions

Still, for specific maintenance tips for your door closer model, always check the manufacturer’s manual guide.

By following these maintenance tips, you can keep your door closer in great shape and extend its lifespan. If you run into any major issues along the way or are not sure about doing the maintenance yourself, it is best to call in a professional for help.

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