Anyone can fall victim to a car trunk that won’t open. Not only is it inconvenient and upsetting to be locked out of your vehicle’s trunk because you don’t have the key, but it can also be unsafe. When you can’t find your car keys or your electronic key fob isn’t working, there are a few techniques you might try to get into the trunk.

Ways to Unlock Your Car Trunk

Try Your Key Fob’s Trunk Unlock Button

Most cars have more than one way to access the trunk, and most drivers overlook these in their panic. For example, if your key fob’s trunk unlock button is operating properly, simply click it. Most automobiles built after 2000 feature key fobs that allow drivers to open the vehicle’s locks electronically. In most situations, a particular button on the fob controls the trunk, and the trunk will pop open if you press this button.

Use the Open Car Trunk Option by the Front Seat

Most car models include a trunk-opening button or lever on the dashboard or by the driver seat side. You may quickly pop the trunk from the front seat by pressing the button or pulling the lever. Check the owner’s manual for your car if you don’t know where the trunk button or lever is not by the front seat.

Access the Car Trunk From Inside Your Vehicle

Interior access means the ability to reach your trunk from within your vehicle. If you have a hatchback, opening the car will allow you to access the trunk. If your vehicle uses a smart keyless entry technology, then you have the perfect solution for your locked trunk. The backseat folds down with the touch of a button, allowing you to reach over and open the trunk and unlock it from the inside of your car.

Try Some DIY Solutions

You can try picking the lock of your trunk as a do-it-yourself option. To accomplish this, you’ll need access to a slim jim or a complete set of auto lock picks (such as the NS multifunctional utility toolset). If you think your trunk lock is not broken and requires no further maintenance, you can use special tools to break into your car trunk. Just keep in mind that you run the danger of harming your vehicle if you continue to try DIY methods after being unsuccessful. Also, jimmying is useless if your car comes with electronic locks.

Call Your Car Dealership for an Emergency Key

Call your dealership and ask if they can provide you with an emergency key to unlock the trunk. Take note, though, that these emergency keys will only open the trunk and car doors. They will not start the car or fit in the ignition if you lost your car key. And you also have to provide proof of ownership to the dealership before you can get this service.

Auto Locksmith Los Angeles

If all else fails and your car trunk won’t open, your only option is to call a car locksmith. An automobile locksmith is expert in dealing with issues involving cars and car lockouts and deals with similar circumstances on a daily basis. An emergency auto locksmith can get you back into your car without causing any damage to the vehicle’s components. 

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