If you own a commercial property, you understand how critical it is to keep your business secure 24/7. Investing in commercial door locks is the simplest and most cost-effective approach to accomplish this. There are many different types of commercial locks on the market. They come with a multitude of functions and features to aid with the security of your commercial space. Make a better decision by learning the many types of commercial locks and how they work.

What Are The Best Types of Commercial Door Locks?

Keyed Commercial Door Locks

Keyed commercial door locks are ones that open and lock using a key. Many businesses still employ these locks because they are more secure.

Deadbolt Lock

Deadbolt locks have been the standard for commercial security for decades. Thanks to their design’s effectiveness and simplicity, they have not changed much over the years. Deadbolts are necessary if you want to keep burglars and intruders out. You can install well-made deadbolt locks on nearly every outside door in your facility. You can also put them on doors leading to important locations like file rooms or chemical storage closets.

Lever Lockset

Lever locksets are far more user-friendly than standard door knobs. Customers and employees appreciate the lever design because it does not require twisting a knob to open. Lever locksets are especially easier to open in an emergency. Leversets are simple to install and also look terrific. Our two-key leverset kits are ideal for private offices, storerooms, and hallways.

Mortise Lock

Mortise locks are very common in commercial applications due to their resistance to forced entry. They utilize a commercial door strike plate with a deadbolt inside the lock body. That makes them more challenging to open without a key. Mortise locks are extremely durable and adaptable to various industries and applications. However, installation requires a wide pocket inside the door because of its body and cylinder. Therefore, a competent commercial locksmith should always install mortise locks.

Keyless Commercial Door Locks

Advanced security commercial keyless door locks are commonplace these days and come in various types and designs.

Electronic Keypad Door Lock

To unlock a commercial keypad door lock, users must enter a code on the keypad. You can configure keypad door locks with a single PIN code for all users. Alternatively, you can opt for different PIN codes for each user, making it the better option for high-security facilities. Commercial keypad door locks are frequently used with a keyed entry or deadbolt. This type of lock can come with a mechanical keypad or a backlit touchscreen keypad.

Smart Door Lock

Commercial smart locks use signals from wireless systems and cryptographic keys to execute locking and unlocking functions. Commercial smart locks are usually Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-equipped. They provide the extra benefit of virtual keys such as RFID cards and fobs. Furthermore, they also open and lock with a mobile phone app.

Biometric Door Lock

Biometric door locks employ fingerprint scanners, facial recognition technologies, and retina scans to provide access to users. These locks are ideal for spaces that store expensive equipment, sensitive data, trade secrets, or regulated substances. You can certainly find them in hospitals, financial buildings, or laboratories. In addition, you can combine these locks with a deadlocking latch bolt to provide an extra layer of security.

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