The car industry is constantly innovating. Vehicles are already a part of everyday life, and engineering them has somewhat turned into an art. One of the innovations that revolutionized how we operate and maintain our vehicles is the car key fob. If you own a new vehicle, you likely have a key fob. Read on to learn from our auto locksmith Los Angeles specialists about the basic concepts of a car key fob. We also have helpful information on how to replace one.

What is a car key fob?

A car key fob is a handheld device with buttons that lock and unlock the car’s doors remotely. When you press a button, the key fob’s short-range radio transmitter sends a distinct digital identity code to your vehicle’s receiver unit. It locks or unlocks the door without using a traditional mechanical key. Early key fobs utilized infrared and required a clear line of sight. These fobs were easy to copy by a car locksmith. Newer key fobs use radio frequency challenge-response authentication that is far more secure. Over time, key fobs have become more than just something to unlock the car door. Additional functions can also be used to remotely lock or unlock the trunk or rear tailgate. They can also start the car’s engine, and open sliding side doors on vans.

How to replace a car key fob?

Check if your car’s warranty or insurance covers lost or damaged key fobs

Car insurance is adapting to modern times and now offers add-on coverage for such items as car key fobs. The coverage for keys is known as Key Replacement Cover. Do you have the key replacement cover in your car insurance policy? If yes, it will cover the cost of replacing your lost, damaged, or stolen key fob. Have an emergency auto locksmith replace your key fob, then file a claim with your insurance company.

Go to your dealer for a replacement

In most instances, getting a replacement key or key fob for your vehicle is easiest done at your local dealer. Contact the dealership where you purchased your car and request a car key replacement. Remember that for you to get a replacement, your dealership may ask you to submit proof of ownership first. Bring pertinent documents such as a photo ID and the vehicle’s title or registration. Also, note that a replacement car key at a dealership can be pricey. That is because car dealers often charge a premium for the service.

Purchase a key fob online and have it programmed

You can purchase a key fob online and have it programmed by a dealer or a locksmith. However, you would still pay for their work if the fob fails to work. While most online sellers are trustworthy, some may sell low-cost counterfeits that do not always work as expected. The best option is still to purchase a fob from the vehicle’s manufacturer.

Check with your local locksmith for options

Replacing a key fob at dealerships can be costly. So, the next best thing you can do is go to a locksmith service that does car key duplication. They are locksmiths that can repair and reprogram fobs, but it is best to go to a reliable car locksmith. Check their training and certifications, speak with them, and learn about their previous clients’ feedback. You can typically tell who is legitimate and who is not by looking at their website and online reviews. 

Car Key Replacement Near Me

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