The key lock box has been used to secure keys in various industries for years. For example, real estate agents and landlords use lock boxes for adequate security. Key lock boxes may seem like the ideal key management solution, but there is much to consider before buying one. This blog has the information you need for key lock boxes. It will cover how it works and if you should get one for your property.

What Is a Key Lock Box and How Does It Work?

A key lock box is a device that keeps keys securely and safely. A combination lock is often used to secure key lock boxes, requiring users to input a code to open the key safe. Homeowners or staff must share the combination with authorized guests to get the key from the key boxes.

Some real estate agents advise placing a key lock box on the side of the property, the rear door handle, the driveway, or a fence if one exists on the property. The reason is that these locations will hide it, and the key safe will maintain its location between the seller and the agency.

A lock box on a residential door

The History of Key Lock Box

Lock boxes are evolving throughout the years. In the 1950s, people turned to “lockbox keys” to open older lock boxes. The more recent lock box model is a contractor or combination lock box. Users can open them by releasing a manual lever after pressing the buttons of the correct combination on the front of the lock box.

The 1990s introduced the electronic lock box. These devices allowed users to enter a code on display, which would release the keys when synced. That made it more convenient and secure than traditional methods of storing keys.

Key Lock Box Technological Advancements


Lock boxes have advanced much further thanks to technological advances. For example, infrared lock boxes are becoming increasingly popular due to their advanced security features. Most people use a blue Supra box, called an iBox, which operates on an infrared system. It does not require a physical key, making it safer than traditional lock boxes.

You can use different electronic devices to trigger iBox’s release mechanism. For example, you can use an electronic display key or a synchronized smartphone. Point either of these devices at iBox’s sensor, which will record your information and unlock the key lock box.


Many real estate agents use Sentrilock lock boxes due to the close affiliation between Sentrilock and the National Association of Realtors. In addition, these lock boxes are American-made and have qualities that some agents think set them apart from other brands. For example, the listing agent can program the lock box’s one-day code system, a standout feature. This feature prevents anyone from accessing the lock box or their property without permission or a scheduled appointment.

A key lock box on a commercial door


The eKey app is made by Supra United Technologies. It enables authorized people to load the lock box key onto their smartphones. It can also connect to the SupraWEB data system to remotely access and open the lock box. The lock box and the data system both keep a record of every time it opens.

Final Thoughts

Key lock boxes and key safes store keys in various sectors. Lock boxes are popular among real estate agents and homeowners due to their accessibility and protection. Key boxes are already a tried-and-tested choice. However, it still has certain drawbacks.

Contact the nearest locksmith with questions about quality lock boxes and key safes. As for the best key lock box or key safe for your home or business, call Kardo Locksmith.

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