Have you ever had difficulty starting your car? It may be a sign that you need ignition switch replacement. The ignition switch is integral to a car’s electrical system. It is responsible for how much power makes it to the engine and other parts. Too bad these switches can become worn or damaged over time, leading to troublesome issues. So what do we need to know about car ignition switches, and when do you need ignition switch replacement? This post will take an in-depth look at this important topic.

What Is an Ignition Switch

Your car’s ignition switch, also called the starter switch, has two main jobs:

  • It controls how much power goes to the electrical parts of your car.
  • It links the starter to the battery to send the starter motor a strong surge of electricity. The starter motor then starts the engine. 

People who own cars often think the ignition switch is the hole where the key goes to start the car. That is the lock cylinder for the ignition, though. 

The ignition switch is a much more complicated electrical part. It is right behind the ignition lock cylinder (or ignition key cylinder). This switch checks the key for an anti-theft code in some cars before turning on the electricity system. For instance, in cars with push-button ignitions, the ignition switch reads the anti-theft code sent by the key fob. 

A locksmith performing ignition switch replacement

Thus, the ignition switch is a crucial part of your car. Without it, your car is not going anywhere. So let us find out how to tell when you need an ignition switch replacement.

When do you need a replacement service?

Here are some signs that you may need to change your key switch:

It is hard to turn the key in the ignition.

If it is hard to turn the key, it could mean the switch is worn out or broken.

The engine will not start.

A broken ignition switch can keep the engine from starting even if the battery and other electrical parts work.

The dashboard lights will not turn on. 

When you turn the key, the ignition switch gives power to the dashboard lights and other electrical parts. If the lights do not turn on, it could mean that the switch is broken.

The engine stopped running.

If your ignition switch is broken, your car may stop while driving, which could put you in danger.

You hear strange sounds.

When you turn the key, a broken ignition switch can sometimes make strange sounds, like clicking or grinding.

If you notice these things, having a skilled mechanic check out your car is best. They can determine what is wrong and decide if the key switch needs replacing.

A driver turning the key in the ignition after the ignition switch replacement

How urgent is an ignition switch repair?

If your key switch is broken, you should take care of it immediately. Whether you have an automatic or manual engine, you can start it. Yet, a broken key switch could also shut off a running engine, a major threat to your safety on the road.  

Can a locksmith perform a replacement?

The answer is an absolute yes. In most instances, a malfunctioning car ignition is simply an issue with the cylinder where you place your key. However, more complex situations may require a full ignition replacement — wiring and all — at which point automotive locksmiths are qualified to offer assistance. 

When you find yourself stranded in a parking lot with a faulty car key ignition, do not worry – an auto locksmith may be able to help. However, depending on the make and model of your car, he may not be able to complete the task immediately. Still, they will have skills and experience with vehicle repairs to get your car up and running again so that you can return home safely.

Ignition Locksmith Near Me

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