Locks are the first line of defense in home and business security systems. They ensure the safety of your family, business, and most valuable possessions. If your locks are old and faulty, replace them with new ones. More and more home and business owners are turning to high-security locks to secure their properties. Let us discuss why you should seriously consider a lock upgrade.

How high-security locks are different from standard locks

High-security locks are engineered to offer more protection than standard locks. In addition, certain features are used in these locks to prevent break-ins and theft.

Heavy-duty hardware 

Unlike standard locks, high-security locks do not have plastic components. By just their weight, you can already tell the difference between standard and high-security locks. These locks are always heavier because of their solid metal construction. And in the world of locks, the heavier, the better. As a result, these locks keep their outstanding security even in the face of extreme weather or frequent use.

Harder bolts

A high-security lock must be able to withstand a significant amount of force. For example, they use reinforced steel bolts to withstand a burglar ramming, kicking, or smashing the door with a sledgehammer. These impacts would bend or snap a weak steel bolt, leaving your property open to intrusion.

Complex cylinders

The vulnerability of standard pin-and-tumbler locks to picking, bumping, and drilling is one of their most serious flaws. These locks have pick-resistant key cylinders. The more difficult the lock cylinder is to pick, the more difficult it is for a burglar to do so. Therefore, the internal mechanics of a lock cylinder must be difficult enough to dissuade a burglar from bumping the lock. These locks also have reinforced steel inserts, sidebars, rotating pins, and other features. These components can survive break-and-entry efforts like bumping and drilling. 

Advantages of using high-security locks

Restricted Keyway

Adding a restricted keyway system to high-security locks prevents unauthorized copying of keys. Key blanks for these locks are not available in the market. Because only one locksmith can duplicate a key, this approach reduces the need for lock replacement. That is especially useful for business owners who wish to improve access control and management.


Only a locksmith with specialized gear can open a high-security lock. It is something that allows businesses to avoid financial losses due to theft. Furthermore, drill-resistant housing on these locks prevents removing them from doors. As a result, you will not have to spend money replacing locks broken by someone attempting to remove them or kick down the doors.

Security layering

More than physical security solutions like mechanical or electronic locks are needed to achieve a high level of security. Locks nowadays combine with multiple levels of security, including access control, video surveillance, intrusion alarms, and software. Moreover, retrofitting your property with high-security locks is easier and less expensive than ever, especially with the rise of wireless solutions. That gives you additional options when it comes to designing your security system. But, more crucially, it shows that tight security can imply something other than exorbitant expenses or maintenance.

High-security locks from Kardo Locksmith

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