Let us say you have had a long day at work and are on your way home. You just want to get inside and take it easy. But when you reach for the door handle, it would not budge. You give it a jiggle, then a tug, but nothing works. Frustrated, you realize that the culprit is a rusty lock. Suddenly, the simple act of unlocking your door has become a major hurdle in your day. If only you had taken the proper lock lubrication in time. So, your only option now is to call a residential locksmith. Kardo Locksmith experts explain why and how to lubricate locks so you never get stuck in a tight spot again. 

The Importance of Lock Lubrication

Lock lubrication is not something you think about very often—until your lock does not work. So if you want to take your locking systems to the next level, let us explore the power of lock lubrication.

Keep Away Rust

Lock lubrication is a must, especially with all the adverse effects of water and other weather. Rain, snow, and humidity can get into the lock, which causes rust to build up over time. If not kept safe from moisture, it might not even work anymore. So keep an eye on your lock and give it some extra TLC.

Prevent Wear and Tear

Lubrication reduces friction, protecting the moving parts of the lock from damage over time. Plus, it helps the lock last longer, so you expect to get more out of your investment. Keep your locks in tip-top shape by giving them a little lubricating love.

A homeowner performing DIY lock lubrication

Ensure Smooth Operation

Keep your lock working like a charm by giving it a dose of lubricant. It helps all the pieces inside move easily and prevent them from becoming stuck. This way, you can lock and unlock the door without any hassle and make turning the key easy. In case of a jam, you can remove the bolt and put it back with no trouble. So do not forget to lubricate to guarantee your lock works as smoothly as it should.

Enhance Security

Make sure to lubricate your locks for optimal performance routinely. Neglecting to lubricate them could compromise the security of your premises. That will help keep your locks from becoming faulty and ensure you can enjoy a safe and stress-free environment. Doing so eliminates any risk of a lockout that entails urgent locksmith services. So keep your locks running like clockwork and your peace of mind intact.

How to Lubricate Your Door Locks

Follow these simple and basic steps to learn how to lubricate your door locks effectively and with ease:

Gather the necessary supplies.

To begin, get all the necessary supplies, such as graphite-based lock lubricant, a brush or cotton swab, and a cloth. Refrain from using oil-based lubricants, as they can make things messy.

Clean the lock thoroughly.

To get the lock working like new, clean it before applying lubricant. Use the brush or cotton swab to clean the keyway gently. Make sure there is not any dirt, dust, or other junk. Yet, be careful. You could break something if you push too hard.

Apply the right lubricant.

Once the lock is clean and dry, apply a small amount of graphite-based lubricant to the key. Insert it into the lock and twist it back and forth to ensure the lubrication reaches all the internal parts. Avoid excessive lubricant, which can attract dirt and gum up the lock.

A technician performing lock lubrication

Wipe off excess lubricant.

After you put the lube on, use a clean cloth to wipe off any excess. This step is important to keep dirt and grime from building up, which makes the lock hard to use.

Test the lock for safety.

Finally, turn the key to see if the lock works properly. If it does not, try adding more lubricant or get a locksmith service for help.

To sum it up, lock lubrication is essential in keeping your locks functioning at their best. It can be a timely and effective maintenance practice that prevents costly malfunctions. With the right lubricant and expert guide, anyone can begin and easily complete the task. To ensure longevity and security, it is important to properly lubricate all your locks, including commercial locks for doors. Taking the time for proper lubrication is an investment worth making for any homeowner or business.

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