Keeping your home safe is not something to take lightly, especially since burglaries and home invasions are on the rise. For these reasons, residents in Los Angeles, CA, are becoming more vigilant when it comes to protecting their treasured homes. In fact, many find installing double locks on your front door is an easy way to boost security. In this helpful guide from Kardo Locksmith, we will talk about the various types and benefits of this dual lock tandem. 

The Rising Importance of Home Security

Home security is not just a luxury anymore; it is a must-have. In Los Angeles alone, home burglaries have been on the rise since early 2024. Such incidents make residents and local authorities feel uneasy and alarmed. In fact, recent statistics reveal that a surprising number of these break-ins happen through the front door. Therefore, it only goes to show just how crucial reliable home protection is. 

With Los Angeles locksmiths, you do not need to worry. We have double locks, a trusty addition to your home security system, to keep things under control. These clever locks are like having a 24/7 security guard at your front door. They act as an effective deterrent to potential thieves. As a result, you can have an extra layer of safety and peace of mind at a fraction of the cost.

How Double Locks Work

Double locks are all about doubling up on security with two locking mechanisms on one door. Usually, this means a deadbolt lock paired with a standard knob lock, with the deadbolt sitting above the knob lock. Hence, this dynamic duo makes it much harder for anyone to break in, giving you a feeling of safety.

Types of Double Locks

Double locks come in a variety of styles and levels of security. Here is a list of the most sought-after combos:

Single Cylinder Deadbolt with Knob Lock

Many people use this kind of double lock. You can open the single-cylinder lock with a key from the outside and turn it with your thumb from the inside. The door handle has a key-in-knob lock built right in. When combined, they offer an effective barrier against break-ins.

Two images of front doors featuring double locks

Double Cylinder Deadbolt With Key-In-Knob Lock

The double-cylinder deadbolt, unlike the single-cylinder deadbolt, needs a key to operate from both the outside and the inside. This type of lock is useful for doors with glass panels. It prevents intruders from breaking the glass and turning the thumb turn.

Smart Lock with Deadbolt and Key-in-Knob Lock

Meanwhile, smart locks are an interesting choice for people who like new technology. With smart locks, you have the option to lock and inlock your doors using a smartphone app, a keypad, or your fingerprints. These locks, when used with regular hand lever locks, make things easier and the home safer.

Benefits of Installing Double Locks on Doors

There are many good reasons to choose double locks for your front door. Here are some of the best things about it:

Boost in Home Security

What is the main perk of double locks? Without a doubt, an increase in security! With two locks working together, burglars have a harder time getting in. Even if they manage to pick one lock, they still have to deal with the second one. This problem usually makes them give up and move on. It is like having a security team right at your front door.

Deterrent Effect

Double locks strongly deter potential thieves. Burglars may not want to break into your home if they see two locks on it. Instead, they will probably look for easier targets. Yet, double locks are more than just a physical barrier. When two locks are present, burglars perceive an increase in their chances of detection. This psychological effect can make would-be thieves just walk away.

Better Peace of Mind

With two locks, your front door makes you feel at ease, knowing that you can keep your home and family safe. It is important to remember, though, that not every lock is the same. While having two locks on your door is beneficial, it is crucial to invest in high-quality door locks that are resistant to picking, bumping, or drilling. Our locksmiths recommend buying a deadbolt or smart locks with advanced security features. These features will make your home even safer and give you even more of a sense of relief.

What Are Some Popular Brands That Offer Double Lock Kits?

For increased home security, there are a number of trusted companies on the market that provide dependable and excellent double lock kits. Here are a few well-known manufacturers that offer these:


Schlage is a well-known and trusted name in the security business. They have many double lock kits that are long-lasting, stylish and have the latest security features. Many people like their double-cylinder deadbolts and deadbolt and knob combo kits.

A front door with a double lock enhances home security.


Kwikset is another safe and reliable name that focuses on home security. They also offer various double lock kits, including deadbolt and knob combo kits. Some of these locks come with SmartKey technology. This feature makes changing keys easy and convenient.


Yale is a trusted name around the world that has a history of making superior locks and security systems. They provide a wide selection of double lock kits, which include smart locks with keyed access and double-cylinder deadbolts. The strong design and advanced features of these locks make them popular.

So, before you buy, make sure you look into the different brands and compare their features, customer reviews, and ratings. Ask a professional locksmith or security expert for help and advice. This step ensures that the locks you choose will work with your door and meet your security needs.

Professional Lock Installation and Maintenance

Indeed, double locks have a fair share of benefits. Thus, it is crucial to make sure you install and maintain them properly. Poor installation can make them less effective because they do not work as intended. In this situation, professional locksmith services, such as Kardo Locksmith, come in handy.

Double Locks: The Ultimate Protection for Your Front Door

Overall, installing two locks on your front door is a smart way to boost your home’s security. Every home can benefit from double locks for that extra layer of safety, the deterrent factor, and the peace of mind they bring. With professional installation and care from a trusted company like Kardo Locksmith, your double locks will be reliable and effective. So, choose double locks today to keep your home and family safe.

Boost Your Home Security With Kardo Locksmith

Why take chances with your Los Angeles, CA, home’s security? Give it a boost with double locks for extra peace of mind and a solid deterrent against potential intruders. Double locks add an extra layer of defense, making it way tougher for intruders to get in. For top-notch LA locksmith installation and maintenance, turn to the pros at Kardo Locksmith. With their expertise, precise installations, and regular maintenance services, Kardo Locksmith ensures your double locks are always in tip-top shape, keeping your home safe and sound. Contact us today for a free consultation and make the first move towards a safer, happier home.

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