There are a few simple ways to help protect your business from forced entry, and one of those ways is to use a device called latch guard. This hardware adds an extra layer of security by making it harder for intruders to kick in doors or pry them open. It also protects your locks against jamb spreading and tampering with latches. Keep reading to learn more about this effective way to help secure your commercial property.

What Is a Latch Guard?

Latch guards fit over the door latch, clasp, or knob, making it difficult for a burglar to access the lock’s interior. In addition, the plate is designed with a rounded shape that prevents tools like crowbars and screwdrivers from being inserted and used to compromise the security system. It is also made of hardened steel for added durability, so it resists chiseling and cutting.

A latch guard on a commercial door

Types of Latch Guards

For Out-swinging Doors

Out-swinging door latch guards are a common type of security measure that guards the latch and bolt from the outside. For maximum protection, a thru-bolt out-swinging door latch guard is installed using nuts and bolts. That makes it impervious to unscrewing by even the most determined burglar. Seamlessly blending into your door’s exterior, a surface mount out-swinging door latch guard provides a virtually invisible layer of defense.

For In-swinging Doors

This two-piece system includes a U-Channel installed on the front of the door and a heavy-duty protector plate embedded within the frame. Together, they provide a dependable guard against unwanted intrusions.

Through-Bolt Latch Guard

This latch guard type provides superior security against unwanted access. Its combination of through bolts and machine screws, flat heads, carriage bolts, and nuts makes it almost impenetrable by anyone with standard tools.

Full-Length Latch Guard

Full-length latch guards offer superior protection when compared to traditional door latches. They feature a solid metal shell surrounding the entire latch, protecting it from tampering and break-ins. In addition to providing extra security, the full-length latch guards also provide an added layer of insulation against the cold. That can be especially beneficial during winter.

Why You Should Add a Latch Guard to Your Commercial Door

Businesses must take proactive action to protect their employees and customers by installing latch guards. They provide an extra layer of security, especially in areas where there is a high amount of footfall traffic. Not only do they protect staff and customers, but they also discourage potential criminals from entering the premises. It is important for businesses to think of short-term solutions and long-term strategies when it comes to safety. Latch guard installation can pay dividends through increased property security and customer/employee satisfaction.

Commercial aluminum glass doors with latch guards

Contact a Professional for Latch Guard Installation

Professional installation is recommended to ensure the door latch guard works correctly and remains secure over time. Contact your local locksmith today to install latch guards on your commercial doors. Professional door-latch installation services provide specialized kits for commercial doors designed to secure them from forced entry. With proper installation, you can be sure that your workplace and employees are safe.

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