Have you ever thought of using keyed lever locks in your bedroom doors? When it comes to home security systems in Los Angeles, CA, we often focus on the front and back doors, installing the sturdiest locks we can find. But what about the interior doors? Often overlooked, the locks on these doors play a crucial role in our overall home security and privacy. Hence, lever locks with keys are an excellent choice for interior doors. These locks combine style, convenience, and enhanced security. In this blog by Kardo Locksmith, we will explore why you should consider these locks for your home.

How Keyed Lever Locks Work

To fully understand the benefits, it is important first to understand what keyed lever locks are and how they work. Unlike knob locks, lever locks have a handle that you can lower to open the door. That makes them easier to use and more accessible, especially for people with weak hands. The ‘keyed’ aspect refers to the lock being operable by a key from the outside but often also includes a push or twist button on the inside for locking.

Why You Should Use Keyed Lever Locks for Your Interior Doors 

Enhanced Security with Keyed Door Locks

For one thing, upgrading your interior door locks is mostly a matter of safety. Traditional door knobs are less secure than keyed lever locks for a number of reasons.

Complex Internal Mechanism

Lever locks have a more complex internal mechanism that makes them much harder for thieves to pick or mess with.

Sturdy Build 

The materials used to make these locks are usually strong enough to withstand a significant amount of force. These robust features provide an additional level of security for your property.

Controlled Access

With these keyed locks, you can set limits on who can enter certain rooms, making your Los Angeles home safer.

Simple and Easy to Use Interior Door Locks

One great thing about keyed lever locks is how easy they are to use. Lever door handles are much easier for everyone in your family to use and grasp than traditional key locks:

A keyed lever lock installed on an interior door

User-Friendly for All Ages 

Lever door locks are easier for children and older people to operate. For instance, young children can grasp and turn them more with ease. Meanwhile, those who have arthritis or other mobility issues will appreciate the reduced strain on their hands and wrists.

Hands-Free Convenience 

Who says you can only operate doors with your hand? With lever locks, you can use your elbow or sometimes your hip to open the door when your hands are full. That makes these locks a practical choice for busy households. 

Exiting in an Emergency

Lever handles make it easier and faster to leave, which can be very helpful when you are in an emergency.

Design of Keyed Lever Locks for Your Home’s Interior

When it comes to interior design, small detail counts, and door hardware is no exception. Keyed lever door locks offer a wide range of finishes and unique styles to complement any decor:

Design Options: You can find keyed lever locks that match any style of home in Los Angeles, whether it is modern and trendy or more classic. Brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, and polished brass are all popular styles that give your home a unique look.

Flexible Options: Many types of these lever locks come in different sizes, shapes, and styles. With these choices, you can select the one that best matches your style and the rest of your home’s decor.

Cohesive Look: Are you upgrading to keyed lever doors throughout your home? Feel free to do so to create a cohesive and clean look while enhancing the visual appeal of your interior spaces.

Popular Lock Brands and What They Offer

Indeed, keyed lever locks are a common way to make homes safer and more convenient. An excellent selection of lever locks is available from several reputable companies, each with its special features created to meet different needs. Here is a list of a few locksmith-approved brands and the best things about their keyed lever locks:


Schlage is one of the most trusted names in the lock industry, known for its high-quality, durable, and secure locks. Here are some key features of Schlage’s keyed lever locks:

  • Security Grade: Schlage locks often come with an ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 rating. This grade is the highest level of security available for residential locks.
  • Durability: Lever locks from Schlage, made from high-quality materials like solid brass, can stand the test of time.
  • A Range of Styles: Schlage offers various types of finishes and designs to match any interior decor. It includes satin nickel, aged bronze, and polished brass.
  • Quick Installation: With just a screwdriver, you can install a Schlage lever lock on your kitchen or bedroom door.


Kwikset is another trusted manufacturer of home locks known for its innovative and user-friendly locks. Some key features of Kwikset keyed lever locks are:

An electronic keyed lever lock with smart keypad security for home safety

  • SmartKey Security: The SmartKey technology included in many Kwikset locks enables homeowners to rekey the lock quickly.
  • Wide Range of Finishes: Kwikset has finishes like polished chrome, smooth nickel, and Venetian bronze that can match any style of the room.
  • Accessibility: Kwikset lever handles are simple to use. That makes them a great choice for families with kids or pensioners. 
  • Affordability: Kwikset provides reliable security at a more affordable price point than some other premium brands.

Yale Locks

  • Yale is a historic brand with a reputation for innovation and reliability. Key features of Yale keyed lever locks include:
  • Integration with Smart Home: Yale makes locks that work well with smart home systems and lets you control and access them from afar.
  • Top Security: In order to provide strong security, Yale locks usually have ANSI/BHMA scores of Grade 2 or higher.
  • Stylish Designs: Yale offers a range of contemporary and traditional designs to suit any home decor.

When picking lever locks for the interior doors of your home, try to find the best balance between style, security, and functionality. These known brands offer a wide range of options that will not only make your home look better but also give you the privacy and safety you need in a residential setting. Check out what they offer with the help of a locksmith Los Angeles to find an answer that fits your needs and looks great in your home.

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