Car Key Cutting North Hollywood

Car Key Cutting North Hollywood

A client from North Hollywood, CA, recently called for Kardo Locksmith‘s car key cutting for the duplication of their laser-cut car key. The client needed these extra keys for his spouse and as a backup key in case of car lockouts or lost keys. The car owner stressed the need for same-day and on-the-spot service because of their busy schedule. Good thing our mobile locksmith unit came equipped with advanced laser key cutting tools and spare blank keys, just perfect to meet the client’s request on time.

Scope of the Car Key Cutting Service

Laser cut keys, made with extra security features, have a personalized cutting pattern that needs to be copied exactly. The client requested two exact copies. It needed our specialized laser key cutting machine and our expert locksmiths. They ensured the copies matched the original key’s intricate design and security specs.

To make sure we copied the laser-cut keys with accuracy, our car locksmith followed these important steps:

Review and Analysis

With a careful look at the original key, we figured out the car key’s cutting details and what security features it had.


Using our advanced laser key cutting machine, we carefully made two new keys that were exact copies of the originals in every detail.


For perfect functionality and compatibility, we tested each duplicate key thoroughly with the client’s car.

Key Duplication Done Right by Kardo Locksmith

This job for Kardo Locksmith’s car key-cutting service in North Hollywood, CA, shows how well they can handle special key copy needs, such as those laser-cut keys. Our dedication to using modern equipment, along with the skill of our locksmiths, makes sure that we can give our clients safe, accurate, and quick solutions.

Why Do Laser-Cut Keys Offer Greater Security?

Laser-cut keys are a common option for today’s cars because of their several security benefits.

Special Design

The layout of laser-cut keys, which are also called sidewinder keys, is unique. Lasers are used to make the cuts on the key blade. That makes a complicated design that is much harder to copy than regular keys. These levels of difficulty add another layer of security.

Accurate Cutting

Without special tools, thieves would have a harder time copying the intricate patterns and exact cuts made by laser cutting.

Limited Availability

Compared to regular keys, laser-cut keys need more advanced tools. In other words, not every hardware shop or locksmith can make copies. Thus, it becomes less likely for copies to be made without permission.

Increased Security

Laser-cut keys are much more precise than regular keys when it comes to fitting into locks. The lock mechanism is more secure and resistant to picking and other types of tampering, thanks to its precise fit.

Bidirectional Use

Many laser-cut keys are symmetrical, which means you can insert the key into the lock either way. That makes finding keys easier without lowering the level of security. 

All these features make laser-cut keys an excellent protection against car theft. It gives car owners peace of mind, knowing their cars are safe while on the road.

Car Locksmith Near Me

Are you on the hunt for top-notch car key duplication services, like those detailed laser-cut keys in particular? The search is over! Kardo Locksmith has got you covered. Our car key duplication skills are unmatched, guaranteeing a perfect cut every time. And it is not just car keys we excel in. We also offer expert locksmith services and comprehensive solutions for both residential and commercial locksmith needs. So, when you need a locksmith in North Hollywood, CA, who combines precision with reliability, turn to Kardo Locksmith. Contact us now, and let only the best in the business handle your locksmith needs without delay.


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April 29, 2024

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