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A client in Glendale, California, had an Alfa Romeo GTV vintage car that he got years ago. But lately, the car’s manual trunk lock had been giving him trouble. It was getting harder and harder to open, which caused him a lot of stress and frustration. He was so eager to fix it that he decided to call Kardo Locksmith for help. We got to the client’s place and got to work. Looking at the model, we knew the lock was old. We tested its key, but it got stuck. So we removed the lock cylinder to check the mechanism. Sadly, it had been severely damaged and could not be fixed. Since it was from a vintage model, we needed time to order a replacement online. Two weeks later, we came back to install the new lock cylinder, ensuring a flawless fit and operation. The new lock looked strong and reliable, which gave the client a feeling of security. The owner thanked us for our hard work and for giving him expert advice throughout the car lock repair process.

Frustration is mounting as the lock on your car door would not budge. You know you have been through this before, and it can be a lot to handle. Yet, you do not need to worry. A car locksmith can solve these car lock problems with their proper tools and knowledge. This expert guide will give you all the details to quickly get back on the road.

Car Door Lock Problems and Solutions

Many things could go wrong with a car door lock, but here are some of the most common ones and what you can do to fix them.

Stuck or Jammed Locks

Problem: Over time, dirt, debris, or rust can build up in the lock mechanism, making it stick or get jammed.

Solution: Apply a silicone-based lube or graphite powder to the lock to help loosen the buildup and make it work smoothly again. Put the key into the lock and work it back and forth to spread the oil evenly.

The Key Would Not Turn or Go In

Problem: If the key will not go into the lock cylinder easily or will not turn at all, it could be because the key is worn out, the lock cylinder is damaged, or there is a misalignment in the lock.

Solution: Use a spare key to see if the problem is with the key itself. If the problem continues, call an auto locksmith to look at the lock. They can fix or adjust the cylinder or lock mechanism.

The Key Broke Inside the Lock

Problem: An old or weak key can break off inside the lock cylinder, making it impossible to open the lock.

Solution: Do not try to get the broken key out yourself, as it could cause more damage. Instead, call a locksmith for help. They have the right tools and knowledge to remove the broken key safely and, if necessary, repair the lock cylinder.

Door Locks Not Aligned

Problem: If the door locks and striker plate are not lined up right, they will not work right, making it hard to lock or open the door.

Solution: Check the door’s position and, if needed, move the striker plate. Loosen the screws keeping the plate in place, move it a little, and then tighten the screws again. To ensure proper alignment, test the lock.

Worn Out Lock Cylinder

Problem: Lock cylinders can become worn with repeated use, causing problems with key insertion, turning, and removal.

Solution: If the lock cylinder is badly worn or broken, it may need replacement. A locksmith can check the cylinder’s condition and fit a new one to get it working again.

Remember, you should always talk to a professional locksmith if you have problems with your car door locks that keep happening or are hard to fix. They know how to find and fix the problem effectively, ensuring that your car’s mechanical door locks are safe and work well.

Car Lock Repair Near Me

Struggling with a faulty car door lock in Los Angeles, CA? If yours is not working properly and you need a reliable solution, Kardo Locksmith‘s car lock repair service is what you need. Our trained locksmiths have all the tools to fix any car door lock of different makers. Whether you have an old car or a newer model, we offer quick and effective repair services to get you back on the road in no time. So do not let a broken car lock get into your daily life. From car lockout situations or you simply need an extra key, our emergency locksmith team is ready to help you any time of the day. Call us for professional car door lock repair or any car lock troubles. 


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July 7, 2023

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