Commercial Lock Installation Valley Village

Commercial Lock Installation Valley Village

Kardo Locksmith recently took on a commercial lock installation project for a merchandise store in Valley Village, CA. They needed a new high-security locking system on one of their high-traffic storage doors. Understanding their need for robust security, we introduced several locking solutions that would replace their existing multi-point exit locking device. The client chose this deadbolt lever trim for its ability to retrofit easily to existing metal doors and reliable security features.

Scope of the Commercial Lock Installation

Here is a quick rundown of how we did the lock install:

Assessment and Planning

First, we assessed the door to ensure the new commercial lock would fit with no changes needed.


Then, we got the door ready and the tools we needed for the lock installation. We also took care of some safety measures to maintain the integrity of the existing door structure.


Next, we installed the new deadbolt lever trim with precision and care, following the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure optimal performance and security.


After installation, we tested the lock mechanism in and out to confirm it operated with no issues and met the client’s security needs.

Final Walkthrough

At last, we did a final walkthrough with the client, showing the new lock’s features and functionality.

The client was beyond thrilled with the new high-security locking system that Kardo Locksmith has put in. Their high-traffic door became much safer thanks to the quick and skilled service of our locksmiths. They also liked that we did not have to change the structure of the door. Now, they are even more sure of our ability to provide excellent commercial locksmith services after this lock installation.

How Does Deadbolt Lever Trim Help Retailers Combat Theft?

The deadbolt lever trim is not your ordinary lock. It is like having a secret weapon against theft. Even the boldest of thieves might think twice just by looking at it. To top it off, try your best to pick its tough deadbolt. This type of deadbolt offers you a level of security that regular locks cannot match. Not only does the lever make it a breeze for you and your staff to access, but it also combines top-notch security with ultimate convenience.

Imagine feeling more secure, knowing that a top-notch deadbolt lever trim protects your business. It is not about turning your store into a fortress but ensuring you have a reliable defense that fits right into your workplace. Plus, it keeps your goods safe behind doors that only the right people can access.

Opting for a deadbolt lever trim with professional lock installation is a smart move for any business owner in Valley Village, CA. Yet, it is not just about locking up. It is about giving yourself, your staff, and your customers the assurance that your store is a safe place. With this commercial lock, you are not only fighting theft but also investing in everyone’s peace of mind.

Commercial Locksmith Near Me

Have you ever thought about how the right lock can make your store safer in Valley Village, CA? Kardo Locksmith can help you install new locks and fix them when they get broken. Because we care about giving you the best service, our team of skilled commercial locksmiths will make sure that your business has the latest security measures. Whether you are looking to upgrade your locks or need someone to do a lock repair, we have got you covered. So do not let security worries keep you up at night. Contact us today and give your business the protection it deserves.


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April 22, 2024

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