Digital Lock Installation Los Angeles

Digital Lock Installation Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, CA, Kardo Locksmith had the pleasure of upgrading a client’s front entry door. From a traditional handleset with a single-cylinder deadbolt, they bought a Kwikset Smartcode 914 Electronic Z-Wave Deadbolt. The client chose this smart lock for its advanced convenience and security features. With this digital lock installation, the client moved away from their older, weather-worn lock that had served its time.

Scope of the Digital Lock Installation

See how our locksmith completed the lock upgrade:

Initial Inspection

Our first step was to examine the existing lock setup on the client’s wooden door, noting the wear and aging signs from extensive use.

Door Preparation

Our locksmith prepared the door to make way for the new digital lock. This phase involved a careful process. We removed the old lock set, drilled a new borehole to fit the modern lock’s specifications, and ensured the door’s surface was ready for a seamless installation.

Keypad Door Lock Installation

We then installed the Kwikset Smartcode 914 Electronic Z-Wave Deadbolt. Our team carefully fitted the new keypad door lock, connecting it to the home’s Z-Wave system for smart control and enhanced security.

Final Testing and Product Demo

Once we installed the lock, we made sure to test it inside and out. We checked that all its features, from the security functions to the smart home connectivity, were working perfectly. After that, we took the time to show our client how everything works. We walked them through using the digital keypad and connected the lock to their smart home system, making sure they felt comfortable and confident with their new security upgrade.

The homeowner was more than thrilled with their new keypad door lock. They were very much impressed by how quick we were and how smooth the process went, from door preparation to the final setup. The Kwikset smart deadbolt was a game-changer for them. It provides a sense of ease and security that their old lock could only dream of. This successful digital lock installation proved how committed we are to giving our Los Angeles clients the best keyless entry choices.

Why Choose Keypad Door Lock for Your Home’s Front Door

Why should you consider a keypad door lock for your home in Los Angeles, CA? Imagine yourself digging around for keys when your hands are full, or it is pitch black outside. With a digital door lock, you get keyless entry. Just punch in your code and walk right through your front door. It is not just about ease of access; it is about giving you control. You can use temporary codes for guests or home service workers, eliminating the need for keys. Plus, with customizable codes, you are always in charge of who enters your home.

Think about upgrading to a smart deadbolt, too. These keypad locks connect to your Wi-Fi, which allows you to lock and unlock your door from anywhere with your phone. Did you forget to lock up when you left? No need to go back. These modern locks have auto-locking features, too. Just click and check it on your phone. Need to let someone in while you are away? You can do that, too. So, for Los Angeles homeowners looking to make their home entry both smarter and safer, a keypad door lock is the way to go. It is a simple change that brings a powerful boost to both convenience and security.

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Ready to upgrade to a smarter, safer home in Los Angeles, CA? With Kardo Locksmith, switching to keyless entry is hassle-free. Our expert locksmith services ensure you enjoy the convenience and security of a keyless entry installation. Say goodbye to the days of lost keys and lockouts. Embrace the ease of keyless entry that a keypad door lock brings to your doorstep. Want to know more about these smart lock options? Talk to one of our locksmith Los Angeles experts and get a free quote right away. Contact us today for a seamless transition to a more secure, keyless lifestyle.


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May 6, 2024

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