Electronic Door Lock Burbank, CA

Electronic Door Lock Burbank, CA

For this client, the thought of installing an electronic door lock system to keep their commercial establishment in Burbank, CA, secure was a scary and difficult job. They had no idea who to turn to for help or where to start. After researching local commercial locksmith companies, they found Kardo Locksmith. With years of experience and good customer reviews, we took on the project with pride. 

Our experts made the entire process surprisingly easy. First, we conducted an extensive evaluation and analysis of their existing setup. Then, we provided advice on the electronic lock that matched their panic bar. After learning about its safety features, the client chose this Alarm Lock’s Trilogy T2 model. After a few days, we went back and walked them through each step of the installation process. We got to work quickly and completed the job ahead of time. Within a few hours, we ensured that everything was up and running. Now, the client is confident that their business is as safe and secure as can be, thanks to our excellent service.

The most secure way to enter your facility is through electronic door locks, but they might be tricky to select. Many options are available, and they all have benefits and drawbacks. If you own a business, consider upgrading your security to protect your inventory and equipment. Investing in an electronic door lock may be a great option. Here is some helpful advice on what to look for when choosing an electronic door lock for your business.

How to Choose the Best Electronic Door Lock for Your Business

Here are a few things to remember when shopping for a lock that will keep your business safe.

Identify Your Business’ Security Needs

To find the perfect electronic door lock for your business, consider these things:

• How big is your building?
• How many doors need locks?
• How secure it needs to be?
• What kind of access do you need?

Knowing what you need will make picking the perfect locks for your establishment or facility easier.

Determine the Type of Electronic Lock

Are you trying to decide which smart door lock will work best for your business? There are lots of options that come with different features. For example, keypad locks require a PIN code. Meanwhile, key fob locks use cards or fobs to open the door. At the same time, biometric locks scan fingerprints or faces. Figure out which is best for your needs by looking at its upsides and downsides. That way, you can protect your business while keeping things easy to use.

Consider Access Control Features

Electronic door locks come with access control features that let you ensure people can only get into the places they should. You can set different employee access levels, see who comes in and out, and even change who has access from afar. This way, you can keep your business secure and know who is responsible for what.

Assess Integration Capabilities

Before choosing an electronic door lock, check if it works with all your current security systems. This way, everything is connected, and you can easily manage who can access your business. Plus, you can always stay on top of what is happening.

Evaluate Security Features

Smart door locks are all about safety. Choose ones with encryption, alarms, and anti-pick technology. It is also wise to opt for locks with battery backups or alternate access methods in case of a power outage or tech problems.

Quality and Durability

Make sure to get an electronic door lock that you can rely on. Get one from a trusted brand, and check the reviews to ensure it is strong enough to last. Also, look for ones that can withstand the weather, are made tough, and have a warranty. That way, your investment will be safe.

Electronic Door Lock Installation from Kardo Locksmith

Are you worried about the security of your home or business? At Kardo Locksmith, you can get the security you need and deserve with our electronic door lock installation service. Our professional commercial locksmith will secure your home or office in no time. We install keyless entry door lock systems so no lost key can compromise it. Plus, we guarantee our work with parts and service warranty—so you know you will get optimal protection from us. Take back control and give yourself peace of mind by installing an electronic door lock. Call us today and get a free quote.


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June 19, 2023

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