Keypad Lock Installation Los Angeles

Keypad Lock Installation Los Angeles

A business owner called us at Kardo Locksmith for a keypad door lock installation job in Los Angeles, California. The client aimed to make the office safer and to have better control over who can get in and out. After we had figured out how to install the new keypad lock, we carefully cut a hole in the narrow door stile. Next, we fit the new Trilogy Networx Pdl1300nw keypad lock on their entrance. We made sure they were aligned correctly and worked well with the current access control system. Once the locks were in place, we programmed the electronic keypad lock for their safety. We helped them give each employee access with a unique entry code. Our team also gave the owner and the staff thorough training during the process. We showed them how to use the keypad locks, change the entry codes, and handle emergencies. After the installation, the workplace was much more secure and quiet because only people allowed to enter could do so. 

In a world that is always changing, it has become very important to keep our homes or business safe. Traditional locks have been good for hundreds of years, but more modern security measures are needed as technology improves. Here come keypad locks, a modern and effective solution that gives us control, ease, and peace of mind like never before. Let us learn how keypad locks protect our property and why they are important to our security system.

The Benefits of Using a Keypad Lock System

Unmatched Access Control

One of the best things about keypad locks is that they can control entry better. Unlike traditional locks, which require a real key to open, keypad locks use a digital interface to let people in. Therefore, you can set up and handle different access codes for different people. It lets you decide who can get in and when. With changeable access levels, you can limit who can get into particular areas, making sure that only allowed people can get into restricted areas.

No More Worries About Losing Keys

We have all worried about losing or misplacing our keys. With keypad locks, you no longer have to think about this. You cannot lose keys because there are no keys to carry around. Each authorized person can have their unique entry code, making it easy and safe. If you need to, you can easily change the access codes without the cost and trouble of rekeying the locks. 

Effective Deterrent Against Break-Ins

Keypad locks are a good way to keep burglars and other unwanted people away. Criminals are less likely to try a break-in if it requires much effort, so installing a digital lock can deter them. Keypad locks on doors and other entry points tell would-be thieves that your property is well-defended and not an easy target.

Better Security for Shared Spaces

Traditional keys can be a security risk in offices, rental homes, and holiday homes where people share space. Duplicate keys can be made without the owner’s knowledge, which makes it easier for unauthorized people to get in. With a keypad lock, you do not have to worry about this. Users can be tracked and monitored because each person can have their entry code. All people who use the property share a sense of trust and safety because of this extra protection.

Audit Trail and Monitoring

Many current keypad locks have an audit trail feature that lets you track who tried to get in and when. That can help you determine what is happening if something seems strange. This function is especially useful for businesses, property managers, and homeowners who want to monitor who goes in and out closely.

Perfect for Remote Access Management

With keypad locks, you can control entry to your property from afar. Some models are compatible with smartphones and smart home systems. So you can give temporary access to guests, service providers, or workers even when you’re not there. This level of control and freedom makes running a property easier and ensures it is safe, even from a distance.

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Say goodbye to the risks of lost keys and unauthorized access, and hello to the ease of installing a keyless door lock. With keypad door locks, you can protect your home or business like never before. With fully programmable key codes, which you can change anytime, you can find security at your fingertips. At Kardo Locksmith, we focus on giving homes and businesses in the Los Angeles area high-quality security solutions. 

Let our team of skilled techs provide a digital lock installation service that will make your property safer and give you more control over who gets in and out. With our keypad door lock installation, you can protect your valuables and personal spaces. Trust Kardo Locksmith with your security needs, and together we will make sure your property is safe day in and day out. Contact us today to set up a meeting and get the peace of mind of working with the best in the business.


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August 1, 2023

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